Ferry Ride to Phi Phi Island

Ferry Ride to Phi Phi Island

Thailand has many things to explore and among them, one is Phi Phi Island. It is a small fantasy place where you can enjoy having a day out or spend a night there. To reach Phi Phi you certainly need to take a ferry from Phuket. The journey takes around one and a half hour. The journey through the ferry is the most enjoyable and thrilling one

Here is a list for you - Ferry Ride to Phi Phi Island

1. Let’s start

To begin with, you need to get the advance booking done for the ferry as there are different tours organized by several companies.  Once you are confirmed with the booking they will give you a ticket for it.

On the day of your trip, the cab by the authorities will come to pick you early in the morning and will take you to the port. They are punctual people so be ready on the given time. Once you reach the port you will be given instructions and seat number will be allotted.

2. Phi Phi Island

Then you will begin with your boarding and finally, the fantasy ride begins. The ferry is a beautiful one which has inclined chairs for you to relax. In the beginning, you will be served with muffins and a welcome drink. After having those you can either sleep or explore the other side. Yes the other side, Go up on the ferry there are mattresses lying there. Lie down and enjoy the clear sky.  

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3. Phi Phi Island

This place will certainly be like heaven as up is the blue sky and you are surrounded by crystal clear water which is just amazing. In between your journey there time will come when the water will be aqua blue and it looks just wow. The ferry runs at a quite fast pace.   Don’t forget to get your pictures clicked as the place is like a dream come true.Then after some time, you will reach the island which is just incredible. You will see many ships standing there and yours will get lined up too. From there you can move out and explore the market of Phi Phi.

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5. Activities to do in PhiPhi Island

You can practice those speedboats, paragliding and among all snorkeling which will be a total fun activity. Deep in the blue water among those beautiful fishes is just unbelievable. You can spot those pearl shells and it would be like a movie scene going on. You can ask for an instructor if you are scared of going alone. Other than this there will be certain candid pictures which will be clicked by the ferry crew, don’t forget to take them as they will be a great source of memory. So after this whole day, you will leave back to Phuket and journey to Phuket will be over.

Thus Ferry journey to Phi Phi will be an enjoyable one as you will experience the purest form of air with the best surroundings.

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