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Caribana Festival 2018

Event Name : Caribana Festival 2018
Venue : Toronto
Start Date : Thursday, 02-Aug-2018
End Date : Monday, 06-Aug-2018

Caribana Festival 2018

Caribana Festival in an international event that takes place every year to acquaint you with cultural display of North America. On the day of Caribana festival every corner of Toronto explodes with the quiver melodies and rhythms of Hip Hop, Steel Pan, Reggar, Brass Bands, Soca etc.

Truly one of its kind, Caribana Festival is the biggest musical extravaganza of North America is more than 40 years old. Caribana Festival really exciting and and as it lasts for six weeks, it converts Canada into one big musical stage. Caribana Festival planning takes place in advance, invites lots of artists from different parts of the world and thus emerges as one of the most enthusiastic musical celebrations for countless local and foreign spectators.

Caribana Festival finally culminates on the Parades Day which is organized alongside the lake-shore. Caribana Festival really looks bombastic because of its colorful theme, instrumental bands, theater shows, and gaudy dresses of the participants making the whole carousal a day to remember. So, please dont miss it when it is only requires your love and support.

Caribana Festival is an interesting cultural explosion of Caribbean cuisine, music, revelry, and visual and performing arts.

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