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Fashion Destinations around the world

Fashion is quite an important aspect of the lives of people. Everybody wants to look the best and the most trendy ones. In the race of Fashion, there are some cities which rule the world as they develop new and best trends. Given below is the list of them.

Melbourne - Australia
1_1509690792s11.jpg Photo by: fashionphotographymelbourne.com.au

This beautiful city of Australia has developed its own brand. The fashion over there is a mixture of European culture but it is a must try.
How To reach- To reach this fashion bound city you need an Australian visa and then you can travel.
Where to Stay- There are nominal as well as high-end hotels in the city from which you can choose.
Approximate Cost- The trip will cost around Rs 3-4 lakh for two people.

Vancouver - Canada
2_1509690793s20.jpg Photo by: vancitybuzz.com

The most loved city of Canada leads in getting the best fashion trends. Made in Canada is quite loved by people and the collection has an eminent position in the market across the globe.
How To Reach- To enter this land you need to have a visa for Canada.  Once you get the visa you can book tickets as a number of airlines are there which go every day.
Where to Stay- Vancouver has a number of motels and hotels where you can have a perfect stay.
Approximate Cost- The trip to Canada will cost around Rs 4 to 5 lakh for two people.

London - London
3_1509690793s30.jpg Photo by: larisacostea.com

When it comes to fashion how can we forget this city of fashion school This amazing place has the most recent and sensational collection all around the years.
How to Reach- You need to have a visa for United Kingdom’s to enter this place.
Where to Stay- You can stay in hotels present in the city.
Approximate Cost- The trip will cost around Rs 4.5 to 5 lakh for two people.

4_1509690794s40.jpg Photo by: cf.ltkcdn.net

The city of Eifel Tower has the best collection of clothes and shoes. You can adapt the style which Parish introduces and surely it will be loved by your friends and family.
How to Reach- You would require Schengen Visa to enter in Paris.
Where to Stay- Parish has a number of hotels where you can have a comfortable stay.
Approximate Cost- The trip to Paris will be expensive. You require funds around 7 lakh for two people.

The beautiful city of USA has a number of fashion brands which develop new trends every day. This place is a hub for people who want to shop the best and latest collection. From the local to the International brands all are just wow in New York.
How to Reach- You need the USA visa to enter New York
Where to Stay- You can opt for any motel or hotel to have a lavish stay.
Approximate Cost- The trip will cost around Rs 5.5 to 6 lakh for two people.
These are some of the cities which are known for the best fashion sense. They actually introduce new trends which I followed by people all over the world.

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