Canberra Balloon Festival 2017

Event Name : Canberra Balloon Festival 2017
Venue : Canberra
Start Date : Saturday, 11-Mar-2017
End Date : Sunday, 19-Mar-2017

The Canberra Balloon Festival is an annual hot air balloon extravaganza that is a sort of identity for the city of Canberra. The history of this event goes back to 1986 and since then it has been a crowd puller and a supreme entertainment show. The venues of this event are myriad, but the the most famous and popular location for Canberra Balloon Fiesta is the foreground of the old Parliament House in Canberra. The plush lawns are the perfect setting for this colourful event. Every year 30- 40 hot air balloons representing different participating countries take part in this festival and they float over the landmark national attractions of the city. These balloons are navigated by some of the most seasoned and popular pilots. The most interesting part of Canberra Balloon Festival is the display of creativity in making the balloons. They are of different shapes, sizes and colors and a true delight for the spectators that numbers in at least 20,000. For example, you might spot balloons that is in form of a pair of dancing honey bees, one with a windmill or the other might be of a prominent personality (a past edition saw the bust of Vincent Van Gogh)! Apart form the designer balloons, the Canberra Balloon Fiesta is an exquisite package of on site entertainment, activities, food and drink. So, its a place of fun and great time in Canberra during this event.


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