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Biska Jatra 2019

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Event Name : Biska Jatra 2019
Venue : Nepal
Start Date : Sunday, 21-Apr-2019
End Date : Tuesday, 21-May-2019

Biska Jatra is a yearly occasion in Bhaktapur, Dhapasi Thimi and Tokha and different places in Nepal. The celebration is praised toward the beginning of the new year on the Bikram Sambat date-book, in any case, the celebration itself isn't identified with Bikram Sambat. Legend has it that this festival is the "celebration after the demise of the serpent". The most momentous places over the span of the celebration are Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Thimi Balkumari. A gigantic chariot conveying a statue of the God Bhairava is pulled by several individuals to the Khalla Tole. Around a month sooner, the chariot is gathered close to the Nyatapole sanctuary.

The most awesome occasion on Bhaktapur Tamadhi is a gigantic pull of-war between the Thane and Kone lower some portion of town. Each group tries to draw to their side yet later the chariot makes a beeline for Khalla Tole. An enormous around 25 meters Yohsi Dyo is raised in the yosikhyo at night of New Year, the Yohsi is pulled down as the New Year authoritatively initiates. People from different parts of Madhyapur Thimi accumulate, conveying their own particular chariots in LayekuThimi.

Individuals celebrate and share welcoming tossing simrik shading powder, playing Dhimay music. A place called Bode witnesses a tongue-puncturing service. One of an inhabitant go through entire day with press spike puncturing in his tongue and meanders diverse piece of city via conveying ious fire burn on bear. Juju Bhai Shrestha is the most eminence and regular tongue piercer in the town.

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