The Best Rock Climbing Destinations On Earth

The Best Rock Climbing Destinations On Earth

The best of rock climbing destinations on earth are found in some of the most interesting parts of the world. If you are interested in this activity, it is time to go hard on it and fel it raw and straight.

Remember the opening scene of the Tom Cruise starer Mission Impossible II where the actor climbs up a steep rock cliff with bare hands and a safety harness? It looked wow! Isn't it? However, even though, rock climbing is not as glamorous as Tom Cruise made it look like, it is nonetheless something that we don't or rather can't do on a very regular basis.If you are lucky enough to have a celebrated rock cliff in your native proximity, then it is well and good. But, the story doesn't end there as the world has numerous other amazing rock climbing hubs that attract adventure seekers in huge numbers. El Capitan is a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park of California with a 900 m granite monolith structure. It is very challenging to scale up its jointness surface and it truly tests the mettle of even the seasoned climbers.Apart form having some spiritual significance, the rock formations of Meteora of Greece are some of the best looking natural marvels on earth. These stunningly awesome cliffs are a treat to climb up and it is a very adventurous way to reach to the monasteries that are seated at the top of the rock.If you move down to Canaima National Park of Venezuela ,you will be face to face with another jaw dropping destination, both with a traveller and climber point of view. The Mount Roraima is equally thrilling to crawl up as it looks in an aerial photo shot. The ascending is tough with a curved body and some treacherous rock illusions.If you are interested in some red sandstone monolith hikes, then one place is ideal for you ? Spider Rock cliff in the National Park of Arizona. It is secluded, standing alone and as steep as it could be. The sun comes head on from all directions making it a uphill task, quite literally.It's time to tame these tough and tall figures with mere hands and harness. Are you ready?

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