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Sinhala & Tamil New Year Festival

Event Name : Sinhala & Tamil New Year Festival
Start Date : Tuesday, 14 April 2015
End Date : Tuesday, 21 April 2015
Venue : Sri Lanka
Country : Sri Lanka
Category : Fairs & Festivals

Sinhala & Tamil Nadu New Year Festival remembers Aluth Avurudda. It predominantly marks the ending period of the agricultural harvest and the rains features the delightful image of nature. The event usually lasts for seven days but the actual observance depends upon the social and economic status of the participating family.

It starts with Nonagathe featuring a requisite visit to temples and perform religious ceremonies. But, the perfect time to celebrate New Year traditions is only believed to start with the playing of rabana (drums) by village women. During this time, the homes are whitewashed, decorated with lights, and new clothes are also worn. However, domestic rituals like lighting the fire, making a kiri (milk rice) bath and exchanging gifts can be easily met upon.

By leaving the house gates open all come to streets to indulge in customary preparations which are really yummy like kaung (small oil cake) and kokis (crisp and light sweetmeat) along with ubiquitous plantain. In this way, everyone feels truly blessed and settles down with a hope to celebrate with great joy next year.

Sinhala & Tamil Nadu New Year Festival is basically a New Year festival mutually celebrated by Sinhalese Buddhists and Tamil Hindus residing in Sri Lanka. As it is a public holiday for all so from young to old all rush to streets in pursuit of pleasure.