Vacation Horoscope 2019 Travel According To Your Zodiac Sign Guide 4.5 

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Vacation Horoscope 2019 Travel According To Your Zodiac Sign Guide

1. Aries March 21–April 19



Aries are known to be curious, active, highly courageous and fun to be around can be a bit impatient too. These solo travelers don't like much of an unenthusiastic partner’s company. Thus their only is love to travel with enthusiastic groups and tours.

Adventure treks and getting into the wild sphere attracts them the most. Apart from adventure traveling they also seek affinity for some luxury traveling as well and don’t mind even if it's going deep to their pocket.

This year 2019 Aries can go to Ladakh or Lahaul Spiti in India and when it comes to the foreign land nothing better than Finland or Iceland to feed Aries curious soul.

2. Taurus April 20 - May 20


Taurians know the art of traveling, good at planning and great thinkers they plan all the trips with great research and precision. So you can rely blindly on them even if you are planning to travel to some unexplored destination.

Love for nature, wine and fine-dining are what makes them the most sensual and romantic sign in the zodiac list. Determined to the core Taurians likes to be treated royally and also likes to be at the places where they are most comfortable.

So do not move them from their comfort zone and take them to  Paris for all the fun and luxuries. When it comes to India, Goa will be a treat for all the Taurians.

3. Gemini May 21 - June 20


The real Charmers, Gemini’s love to explore wherever they go, their love for travel is eternal and there is no such place on the map, which they wouldn’t like to travel to. The rich culture, heritage, and architecture  of the city attracts them the most, and allows to  keep their inquisitive spirit alive. Mostly, gregarious by nature they love to travel with friends, family, and groups where they feel most content and connected in their company.

The most important thing they always seek on their trip is to feed their mind so that they can be intellectually rich. Thus Gemini’s can travel to London in 2019 to have the most enriching experiences and in India- the colorful land of Rajasthan will cheer them the most.

4. Cancer June 21 - July 22


Cancerians are nostalgic souls, who travel to make memories and you often see them travelling to the same destination again and again. Thus they don’t like to explore much but rather live with their memories. The major sea lovers, they like to be around water all the time and will always be ready to go on a trip anytime.

Not much of a backpacking lover, they like to indulge in short-trips, which does not take them away from the home.

Therefore this year Cancerians should travel to Bali to have the most memorable trip and in India nothing better than Kerala for them.

5. Leo July 23 - August 22


Intelligent, smart and sharp Leo’s know the real luxury traveling, they love everything which, comes with comfort and luxury, even if they book their hotels or flights nothing will be less than a first class. They are known for picking the best destination with most serene and spectacular views.


Therefore this year Leo’s should travel to royal cities like Udaipur and Jaipur in India. And for the foreign land, Milan will treat their luxury appetite to the fullest.

6. Virgo August 23 - September 22 4.8 



Workaholics Virgo always plan each and everything on their list and a single thing not happening according to it can make them irritable. The overthinker Virgo always needs a push to come out of their working zone, and explore the world. Traveler in a Virgo will always like to explore the unexplored and plan their trip with a purpose, so with them, you can never roam around randomly.

This year Virgo’s can explore Goa in India and Thailand to keep their mind off from work, relax and party awhile.

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7. Libra September 23 - October 22


The most fun-loving people Librans love to travel the most, whenever they get a chance to escape, they are always ready. Loves to interact with everyone around Librans like to be at places where they can watch and observe people around. Their affinity with airports is so much that the moment they enter, you can figure out from their big grin, how happy that makes them. Travel always on mind, doesn’t satiate their soul by just exploring tropical destinations. They like to cherish each and every moment by having a meal or a glass of beer by the roadside cafe and seeing people traversing nearby.

Nothing better than Brussels can make them happy and in India, Pondicherry is where they should go.

8. Scorpio October 23 - November 21 5.0 


The major thrill seekers, Scorpions loves to travel to places which will give you an adrenaline rush and might scare the life out of many. The most passionate traveler's scorpions will always look for experiences, which will challenge their mind and body.

In India, Scorpions should travel to Andamans this year and if planning for a foreign trip then Australia is the place for you.

9. Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 5.0 


The inborn travellers Sagittarians are the best travel companion anyone can have, the keen travelers and adventure lovers, they always want to experience something new. They travel like a free bird and nothing can put them to stop when they are on their full spree. You might see them doing all the adventure activities to participating in yoga camps or doing rafting in Zanskar river.

This year Sagittarius should explore Zanskar Valley, and in the foreign land, they should travel to New Zealand.

10. Capricorn December 22 - January 19


Goal oriented, Capricorns loves to travel in an organised way, so if you are traveling with Capricorn partner then you will always have your itinerary ready. Cultural and history lovers Capricorn's try their best to make their trip as enriching they can make.

So to soak themselves in heritage and culture Capricorns should visit Madhya Pradesh in India and Cape Town on foreign lands.

11. Aquarius January 20 - February 18


Calm and composed Aquarians don’t like to indulge in tiring activities, they like to have a rejuvenating break from their routines most often. To revive and get to work again. They don’t like to travel solo, so always in the group they like to plan out things but stays dependent on the other partners too.

So the leisure lovers Aquarians can enjoy sipping coffee at the cafes of Dubai or Goa in India this year.

12. Pisces February 19 - March 20


Simple and the kindest traveller you will ever come across, a water sign Pisces will be always happy at the tropical destinations. Beach bums and daydreamers, Pisces like to party the most and believes in tippling the night away. Not bound by choices these easy travellers are the best companion on can have to have a most relaxing vacation.

Pisces this year can travel to exotic Lakshadweep Island to have a serene break and on foreign land, the Maldives can charm them the most.

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