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The top five essential Asian countries for travel

The top five essential Asian countries for travel


If you haven't travelled through Asia, you cannot really call yourself a traveller. The continent has some of humanity's greatest pleasures, age-old nations and their worldly glories do not fall short in this vast continent. All things Asian is all things exotic, which was once derogatorily called Oriental. A slice of the oriental is most magical, the most awe-inspiring. If you are a serious traveller looking for some serious travel experiences, then look towards Asia. It is here where stories are made. We bring to you the most tantalising Asian travel experiences. 

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1. India


The land of all things mystical, India has been inspiring the world since time immemorial. This is a country that has all the essential travel experiences packed into it. You have sea beaches, deserts, and the glorious Himalayas. Plus there are other mountain ranges as well with stunning biodiversity. Look towards its metropolitan cities for a lesson in urban meditation, or head to the northeast for a mind blowing cultural and geographical exploration. India has it all.

2. Japan


The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is all things extraordinary. It's an astonishing nation full of wonders, with speeding technological advancements. With Mt. Fiji as it's iconic symbol, Japan is a place that gives you an intimate look into one of the richest cultural treasures of the world. Tokyo of course is the jewel on its crown, with numerous Michelin starred restaurants and fast-paced lifestyle, you will not want to leave. 

3. Thailand


If you want to party, you ought to head to Thailand. But of course the nation is more than just a party hub. It's cultural ethos rings loud from every corner of the country, so you can expect a multitude of experiences. Of course do not skip Bangkok and Pattaya, but do go through the heart of the nation. There are some stunning islands where you can expect peace and quiet, most notably, Koh Kood. No matter how much you want to party, if you skip the temples, you have missed out on its nerve centre. 

4. Turkey


A cross between Europe and Asia, this is where you get the best of both worlds. The nation is mostly in Western Asia, with a tiny bit sitting in Southeast Europe. Turkey is a giant when it comes to historical and cultural lessons. You cannot overlook the European influence in the nation, with bits of old world charms dotted all across the nation. If you have watched Nuri Ceylan's movies, you would know how absolutely beautiful it's landscape is. Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara shouldn't be missed. 

5. Cambodia


The historical city has to be experienced to believe in its wonderment. The ruins of Angor Wat is of course the headline of your trip, presenting a piece of world that is long gone. You also have Bayon and other temples that are just out of picture postcards. Don't forget to explore the Cardamom mountains. Don't miss out the city of Phnom Penh. 

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