SCR Introduces 500 Special Trains For Krishna Pushkarams

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Special Train to Run to Ease Travel During Krishna Pushkarams

Ravindra Gupta, GM, SCR said that railways will provide best transportation for the upcoming Krishna Pushkaras in August. For this SCR will spend about 32.68 crore to execute various development programs and improve amenities for the pilgrims. There will be additional 2,000 coaches so that pilgrims enjoy pleasing travel to the place. Thus, there will be additional 500 special trains to cope with the heavy crowed of Krishna Pushkarams and make it a successful occasion for travelers. He also said that we are trying to spread the crowd of pilgrims to various stations like Krishna Canal Junction, Gunadala, Rayanapadu Madhuranagar and Gadwal along with other small and nearby stations. Further, he is aware that maximum rush is expected to be at Vijayawada station.

The work of creation of additional passengers sheds at these stations, foot over bridges, there new escalators at Vijajayawada station, additional booking counters and train indicators to ease the journey of pilgrims at the stations during this occasion. Thus, allocation of such a huge amount will definitely ensure the best facilities at these railway stations. As per GM, about 2.67 lakh passengers are expected to travel per day and might go up to 5 lakhs per day.

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