Russian Folk Dance : A Benign Experience for Spectators

Russian Folk Dance : A Benign Experience for Spectators

Here is a list for you - Russian Folk Dance : A Benign Experience for Spectators

1. Russian Folk Dance

Russian folk dance is one such thing that has kept intact the traditions and culture of Russia. Well, not only the tradition and culture but this folk dance form is a real thrill to cherish. The vibrant costumes, gracefulness and the purity of the Russian dance form is a real spectacle worth watching. What more is expected when one is having a first hand experience of such serenity.

Dance thrives in every living soul. Life was commemorated on earth with dance and its destruction is also ascertained by the devastating dance of nature. But why are we talking about nature's dance ? May be because dance is one art form which roots us with nature, especially the folk dance. The Russian folk dance, amongst all, has always evoked interest among people worldwide.

The Russian folk dance is one benign form hard to find anywhere in the world. This dance form is one genre that has magnetized a lot of dance newcomers and one thrills to be a part of the performances of the snaky dancers. This dance form is said to be designed as to reflect the life of the people in Russia during the time of the Tsars. Before the sovereignty of Peter the Great, Russian folk dance was just the cup of tea for the commoners. As prevalent among other civilizations, members of the higher class in Russia neither showed interest nor participated in these dance forms. But they enjoyed the dance performances by jesters.

But, astonishment knows no bounds to find the history behind the development of Russian folk dance. As per the ancient script of Russia young Russian people used to conglomerate in one place and enjoy by singing and dancing in a Khorovod (ring). Well, it was not easy enough for any mortal to judge what was the dance form on the unbalanced rafts in the middle of the lake! But interestingly, this was something that first came to be known as the Russian folk dance.

However, the first strong evidence of Russian folk dance gets explicit from the folklore which treks to the era of the Great Russian Prince Oleg who was celebrating his triumph over Greeks in Kiev. A grand dinner was organised and 16 male dancers clad as bears and four bears who were dressed as males performed for the guests. After the dinner was over Prince Olega ordered the bears to be released in the wild and execute all the dancers. What a brutality indeed! The civil war came to an end and the blood of the revolt had truly died out and it was indeed a rebirth for the people of Soviet Russia from the clutches of the barbaric rule of the Tsars. Hence the commoners raised funds in giving shape to the first state established Russian folk dance troupe. The year 1937 saw the birth of the first versatile group of Russian folk dance under the guidance of Igor Mosieyev. It is believed to be the unsurpassed academic group of folk dance in the world. Based on the Russian folklore this classic dance form is reckoned world wide for its ingenuity and triumph. Hats off to Igor Mosieyev for his innovative spirit. The initiative was successful and bore fruits. The Folk dance form was appreciated worldwide and nowadays it is extremely famous. The performance, the gestures, steps, poise and above all the melody of the dance sequence is followed by choreographers round the globe. Watching a performance of this folk dance form is in itself a benign experience. You are sure to tap your feet, it may also happen that you move out of your seat and start dancing to the tunes of the dancers on the stage. Truly, the Russian folk dance form carries one into an ecstatic world of fantasies.

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