Nightlife in Pondicherry – Top 6 amazing spots to experience Nightlife in Pondicherry

Nightlife in Pondicherry is amazing yes because it has wonderful places to enjoy nightlife. Especially, young blood wants to enjoy the nightlife and this place is just perfect for youth since it has beaches, clubs, cafes, bars, and much more. Generally youth prefer these places to enjoy the nightlife but Pondicherry has much more than this. The destination is another beautiful city that lights up under a sky full of stars.  Pondicherry is like a Goa, yes it has similar kind of nightlife and most important Pondicherry white town attracts more tourists. However, waking in white town in night is a unique experience and it will give you a feel like you are wandering in France at night. White town clean roads and stunning architecture will pull your mind and you will say that this is the best nightlife experience. So, let’s check out the list given below for amazing spots to experience nightlife in Pondicherry.

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Here is a list for you - Nightlife in Pondicherry – Top 6 amazing spots to experience Nightlife in Pondicherry

1. Le Club

Le Club is located nearest to the Promenade beach and the club is well-known for its delicious food, drinks and lovely ambience. This club has outdoor seating area which is situated in Old French Villa. Apart from, those who addicted to alcohol and seafood then this place is excellent for them. They can find a wide range of alcohol and seafood. The best is liquor you’ll experience from this place. The average cost for two people is around Rs 1400 and the evening timing is 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

2. Toxic

The Toxic café situated in the white town of Pondicherry and the café offers rooftop seating which is most loved by the youth. This café offers very tasty things and people come here to enjoy the food on the rooftop. Here, not only food but every kind of liquor is available and anyone who is loving of liquor then must go there. This café is located inside the hotel Atithi and it will cost you a lot of fun, just go and see. The average cost for two people is around Rs 1000 and the timing of this café is 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The highlight of this café is that it is setup on rooftop with open bar which is excellent for nightlife experience.


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3. L’Aqua

The bar is situated on the rooftop of the Ajanta sea view hotel which offers amazing view of blue sea. As this bar is rooftop bay, you can experience beautiful views of the sea from above and it will give you a different experience. What else people want? When such beautiful bars and front-facing views mean complete enjoyment. And if we talk about the food of this place, then the food is outstanding and you can take any alcohol because every kind of wine is available here. Apart from this, the interesting thing about this bar is that there is a swimming pool on the rooftop in which you can also have a pool party. Pool party means you will get complete delight of nightlife and you can also enjoy live music here.

4. The Storyteller’s Bar

So this is another great bar where you can live the nightlife and this bar is not too less than any bar because here all the facilities are available. If you are craving for seafood and cocktail then this bar is must try for you. The bar is located in the white town and it is very amazing because you will get a lovely France sense here. The staff here is very good whose Behavior is polite and it will make you feel special. However, Hospitality is brilliant and you can enjoy live music here too. If you are looking for some cheap and best bar then this is good for you because the average cost for two people is around Rs 700.

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5. Bay of Buddha

This is one of the high-class bar and USP of the place. The bar is located inside the Promenade Hotel on white town street and it offers the view of beautiful Bay of Bengal. The bar has different kind of cuisine including Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Asian, Malaysian, is served at your table to satiate every taste bud. One can witness the gorgeous view from the bar and also have well-stocked bar to enjoy the liquor. The average cost for two people is around Rs 1500 and the timing is 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

6. Candle Light Diners

Couples those who visit Pondicherry to celebrate their honeymoon they mostly search places for candle light dinner. Pondicherry is perfect destination for newlyweds and have lots of wonderful cafes for candle light dinner. This is another best way to enjoy nightlife in Pondicherry so spend some time with your partner some of great bars of Pondicherry. Romantic cafes are La Villa, Palais De Mahe Coromandel Café, New Banana Café & Restaurant, and Lighthouse.

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