Get over Shimla and Manali, as we have more beautiful places for family vacations in India

Get over Shimla and Manali, as we have more beautiful places for family vacations in India

Travelling with families can be a wonderful experience! When we travel with our families, we get to know each other in an altogether different manner. Taking a small family vacation can be one of the best ways to de-stress, as it takes everybody away from a hectic schedule and helps bond well with each other. Siblings mock each other; parents take little ones along with a tedious list of do’s and don’ts, and grandparents add the cheer, creating the perfect playful environment.   But where should you go for your next family vacation? The usual places, be it the hills or the beaches, have become crowded over the years. They have also run out of interesting things to do, making the trip sometimes boring and monotonous for people who are on the look out for some adventure. To help you in this fix, we bring you a list of lesser-known but low-budget family trips in India.  

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Here is a list for you - Get over Shimla and Manali, as we have more beautiful places for family vacations in India

1. The Varkala Way

Varkala is a splendid beauty in the South Indian state of Kerala. Many people chose Varkala over Goa because the beaches in Varkala are cleaner and the place is more peaceful than those in the party capital.


Must to-do in Varkala with your family-

-Relax and rejuvenate at the beaches. Be sure to walk around on the main beach- Papanasam beach.

-Visit the unique red sandstone cliff formations by the Arabian Sea

-Get some holiness from the temples

2. The Sundarbans Experience

The mangrove area is known for its vast tract of forests and saltwater swamps, Sundarbans is a must visit for every Indian family. Well, no matter how frequently visited, Sundarbans will remain one of the best places for vacation in India. The forest is highly mysterious, and you cannot get enough of it in your lifetime!


Must to-do in Sundarbans with your family:

-Go to the Netidhopani watchtower

-Sit on boats and let them take you around for a soothing ride 

-Visit the Mangrove Interpretation Center

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3. Saurashtra

Saurashtra has many names, each having its own meaning and significance. Sorath and Kathiawar are two such names. The Gir National Park, present in Saurashtra, is very famous and offers a wide variety of tourist attractions.

Must to-do in Saurashtra with your family-

-Take the safari through thick undisturbed forests

-Enjoy the fine dining of city’s best restaurants with splendid atmosphere and view- Nilambag Palace Restaurant

-Get to know about Nawab Mahabat Khan by visiting his mausoleum

-Take a tour around Ranmal Lake

4. Auli

<a href='' class=''>Auli</a>

Famous for skiing, this hill station in North India is called the Himalayan Ski Resort. Surrounded by the splendid oak forests, this place is a hub for people seeking snow adventures. 


Must to-do in Auli with your family-

-Visit Chattrakund Lake and enjoy the breath-taking view 

-Watch the graceful landscape of West Himalayas by visiting Nanda Devi National Park

-Enjoy the cable car ride

-And, If you did not ski and slip on the snow, you barely went to Auli at all!

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5. Coorg

A rural district in the southwest of India, Coorg is known for its gothic style churches, museums, and elephant statues. Offering a plethora of options for people with different tastes, it is one of the best kept secret places for tourists in India. 


Must to-do in Coorg with your family-

-River rafting would be fun

-Take a safari ride to off-beaten trails

-Bird watch in the sanctuary

-Get ayurvedic spa done

-Zipline and quad bike your way through the tracks

6. The Rann of Kutch experience

The white land out there is waiting for your footsteps! If you love art, Rann of Kutch has all the art and culture embedded in one place. This offbeat destination in India has recently started to receive the traction it deserves!


Must to-do in Rann of Kutch with your family-

-Don’t forget to spend a night in the camp

-Go for camel rides

-Enjoy the full moon view – as white as snow, the moon glows beautifully in the dark

-The hot air balloon ride will take you a few feet above the ground and give you a sight to remember from the height

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7. Tripura

Hilly state in northeast India, Tripura’s beauty stands apart. Over half of the state is covered by the forest, with bamboo and cane tracts commonly found. The state also has a rich cultural heritage, with the intermingling of 19 tribes and various subtribes. As the third smallest state, offering a variety of experiences, Tripura is the perfect family holiday destination in India.  


Must to-do with family in Tripura-

-Watch the exquisite Neer Mahal palace, which was built by King Tripura. 

-The striking white infrastructure of the Ujjayanta Palace will mesmerize your eyes.

-Visit temples and go boat riding

-Know about primitive art forms in Unakoti 

8. Narkanda

Known to be the Nagar Panchayat in Shimla district, this town serves as the snow point for tourists who are looking for lesser known holiday destinations in India. With fewer tourists than Shimla, it has various viewpoints and activity spots to suit the fancy of everyone in the family.


Must to-do in Narkanda with family-

-Visit the Hatu peek, 12,000 feet above sea level, the peak has all the chills and thrills of its own. The peak is surrounded by majestic

-mountains and is covered with dense green trees

-Skiing- Like Auli, Narkanda also has skiing as their main sports

-Have a view of the beautiful Jubbar Lake

-Narkanda is famous for apples and you must not leave the place without visiting the apple orchards

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