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Make Your Kullu Trip Comforting With These Hot And Spicy Local Food Items

26 Nov 2022 04:03 PM
Make Your Kullu Trip Comforting With These Hot And Spicy Local Food Items

Are you looking to meet your craving for spicy food, which makes your tongue hot and tears up your eyes? Are you willing to travel to fulfill your spice and chilly addiction? If yes, then you should visit Kullu.  Actually, Kullu is the resort town in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is the most famous tourist destination usually coupled with Manali. 


This open valley renders you exceptional panoramic views and gigantic hills covered with pine trees. Apart from bringing close to nature, it also gives you a space to enjoy some delicious hot and spicy foods, which make your tongue ablaze. To know those yummy local food items, continue reading!

Look at the delicious local foods at Kullu  

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1. Thukpa


It is a kind of noodle soup originated from Tibet. The interesting part of the Thukpa is that it will be made in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian ways. With the noodles, plenty of fresh veggies such as spring onions, tomato, onions, chopped cabbage, carrot, and others can be added. Based on your preference, meat or chicken will be added. This hot and spicy dish cooked with the chili sauce and ginger garlic paste to get added spicy flavor.

2. Dham


The most popular local food items being loved by almost all the Kullu travelers is Dham. It is generally prepared for celebrating any special occasion in this region. This food item contains only dairy products and lentils. The Rajma or chickpeas is cooked in the yogurt and then served with the mash dah topped with the Khatta. It is a sweet and sour sauce specially prepared from jaggery and tamarind. 

3. Kullu Trout


One of the lovely and spicy dishes of the Kullu region is the Kullu trout. It is a fish delicacy prepared with the marinated trout lightly fried in the mustard oil along with exotic spices. Since it is cooked with the minimal spices, it brings such a natural flavor and rich taste, which remains for a long time in your tongue. It is usually garnished with the light lemon-onion sauce and then served hot with the rice and boiled veggies.  

4. Madra


Madra is the famous curd or yogurt-based gravy in the Kullu region, which popularly called as Chana Madra. It is one of the dishes prepared with the white chickpeas or Kabuli chana in the gravy seasoned with the several spices, onions, ginger, and garlic. Generally, it is served with the chapati or roti garnished along with dry fruits. 

5. Bhey


Bhey is the unique and special food item made from the lotus stems, which is absolutely scrumptious and delicious to eat.  It is guaranteed that travelers would never forget the taste of this exciting vegetarian dish made with lotus stems. So far, it has been in the top position of the spicy food items, which tourists love to eat in Kullu.

This list is not an end for your spicy craving to eat the local food items in Kullu, which make your cry. Besides, you will find several dishes while traveling to the Kullu region and make your trip unforgettable. 

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