Know everything about the first teak museum of Nilambur

Know everything about the first teak museum of Nilambur

  Teak Museum is a famous place that is visited by people from all India and other parts of the world. It is situated nearly four kilometers away from Nilambur which is a town in Kerala. It is in the district of Malappuram in South India. Teak is found in ample amount all over India especially in the Southern part. There are teak forests that are naturally present in Kerala. 

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Here is a list for you - Know everything about the first teak museum of Nilambur

1. Unknown facts about the teak museum


The teak museum is the first of its kind. It is a two-story building and is operated and maintained by the Forest Research Institute in Kerala. This is the first teak museum to be built in the world. The researchers who exhibit in this museum offer comprehensive information about the uses of teak. The exhibits are highly knowledgeable about teaks and share articles on this subject. The information provided by this museum about teak is scientifically rich. It also includes artistic facts and different historically rich facts as well. 

2. History of the teak museum


The teak museum was formed in the year 1995. It was established inside the campus of the Forest Research Institute or KFRI in Kerala. This was done because of the historical importance of teak to the southern state of Kerala. The British planted the first teak in Nilambur which is now in the district of Malappuram in Kerala. This was done in the year 1840 and the plantation gradually spread to form forests full of teak trees. Now they are taken care of by the researchers at Forest Research Institute who studies about them and other plantation and even operates the Teak Museum.

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3. Time of visiting the teak Museum


The museum is open to visitors throughout the week except on Mondays. They are allowed to go inside from 10 in the morning till 4.30 in the evening every day. Mondays are complete holidays. Normally visiting the teak museum outside the visiting hours is not allowed.

4. Some more information about the museum


1. The place is nearest to the Nilambur railway station which is only 3 km away from the museum. Thus visitors traveling to the place by train can reach more easily than those traveling through other means of transportation. Karipur airport is the nearest international airport and is nearly 36 km from the district of Malappuram. 

2. The teak museum is the perfect place to visit in Nilambur if one has interest in teak and wants to gather further information and knowledge on the teak plantation. The teak wood has some special characteristics and peculiarities and one can know more about these from the exhibits. There are average displays of plants so that one can understand about teak formation. 

3. The teak museum also houses wild orchids that are displayed quite well for visitors to have a view.

4. The teak museum falls in the route of Nilambur-Gudallur. It was formed and is maintained by the Kerala Forest Research Institute but in coordination with the Forest Department of Kerala. The museum holds information about teak on different aspects like historic, cultural, scientific and aesthetic grounds.

5. The museum comprises of two different levels where the ground floor is about extensive studies about Kannimara teak. The Kannimara teak is one of the oldest variants of a teak tree growing naturally in India. The museum shows detailed information about the flower, bark, and fruit of the teak tree that is a great experience in terms of education and also a unique enjoyment. 

6. The museum not only contains information about the teak trees but also offers detailed information about the different types of butterflies, insects, and moths that are present in the plantation site of the teak tree. This museum offers insight into the varied angle of nature regarding teak wood.

7. The museum has a library that has stuff containing information and rich literature on teak wood.

There are paintings of the oldest teak trees that are present in the forests. The door through which one enters the museum is made of teak. There are several small miniatures and replicas formed out of the teak wood and given the structure of small ships and boats. Visitors also come to see the root of a mature tree that is present in the museum. 

There are many logs that are more than 100 years old but are in healthy condition. This proves that teak woods are one of the best growing natural woods that last for long years. This 55 years old museum is a favorite tourist spot for people from all over the world.

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