Hello Travel With Thomso’18 Events At IIT Roorkee

Hello Travel With Thomso’18 Events At IIT Roorkee

Hello Travel is inviting all the college students to have a fun-filled and learn-some weekend ahead at Thomso’18, from 26th-28th October at the most exciting IIT Roorkee fest! Proclaimed by the government the Annual youth festival of Uttarakhand in 2005, Thomso has acquired the recognition of being the largest cultural fest of Northern India , where myriad cultural fests, events, an abundance of talent all at one place brings out the creative and unimaginable world of their own. This year their 36th year of celebration of Thomso has a theme of ‘Seized by Stardust’ and Hello Travel is taking you along to unravel some of their most exciting events in the City! IIT Roorkee boasts of some of the most genius minds showcasing the talent and creativity, which is incomparable and inspiring to another level. So here we have a list of Thomso’18 events to make the most of your weekend- Learn, Eat, Dance and Participate.   Dance Lovers- Dance your hearts out! Foot-Loose, Street Dance, Step-up and events like Flash-Mob are inviting you to showcase the best of your moves and win prizes of about INR 60-150k     Acting Lovers- bring out your soul and express to the fullest Abhivyakti This event is for those who love to act and wants to showcase their emotions, expressions and feeling through their acting skills. So don’t miss the chance to perform and showcase your inner voice and strength through your acts.  Prize of worth- INR 100K Nukkad Natak Everyone out there from Dram-Soc, its the best platform to enact all your Nukkad Nataks you did in your college, so convey your message through your Natak to some of the most bright minds.  Prize of worth- INR 100k   Curious souls-time to shake up your Brain Quizardry Participate in fun-filled quizzes especially designed for some curious souls, so if you are a movie buff or interested in arts, politics or arts. They have a quiz for all the curious souls.  Prize worth INR 10K   Band lovers- Sing and perform! Battle of Bands Battle of Bands events is where you can perform with your band and showcase your talent in front of some of the best band performers. So bring out your inner voice and sing to the glory! Prize worth INR 100K   Always wanted to direct a movie or a short movie 16 Frames 16 Frames event is consist of two parts where they will showcase some of the best short films/ documentaries from around the world. The other part will be the short movie screening competition organized by cinematic society. To participate and be what you wanted to be. Prize worth INR 30k BOX office Most fun-filled event for all the movie buffs and this is the perfect time to show all your talent. There will be a movie quiz and later you have to make a parody of that movie.  Prize worth INR 20K   Literature lovers and Grammar Nazis out there Literati Literati has the plethora of events where you can showcase your talent, JAM Just a minute session, Anonymity On the spot letter writing, Spell Bee On the spot spelling competition, Word Games Vocabulary based games.  Everything to feed your literati soul, so don’t miss to participate. Prize worth INR 10K    Food lovers and cooking aficionados are always welcome Food Fiesta Food Fiesta is inviting, who love to cook and eat. Here you can showcase your cooking talent, which can even take you to Masterchef may be. So show your cooking talent by cooking some lip-smacking food. Prize worth INR50K  Nights are glittery too, at a Thomso’18 fest Silent DJ and Nightlife Cafe will definitely be going to give you an experience of the lifetime. The famous silent disco at Thomso’18 is a major attraction. So pack your bags and run to Thomso’18, to have the most gala time.  Not just that there are many more events too, which you can explore on their website. So register, check rules and participate: https://www.thomso.in/  

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Here is a list for you - Hello Travel With Thomso’18 Events At IIT Roorkee

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