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Go Insane In The Craziest Bars In Tokyo

Had there ever been a company of the crazy man made establishments, the Japan capital would definitely have been an indispensable Board Member! From weird fashion statements to freaky night life, Tokyo has carved a niche for itself over the period of time in this notorious (interesting nevertheless) segment. Today lets drive into the most unusual bars and restaurants in Tokyo and add another feather to its cap: 

Christon Cafe

Now this is mad- a bar with a Christian theme! The credit goes to the authority of this bar who has given it a Christian touch with authentic Christian stuff, medieval altars, gargoyles and tainted windows without being profanatory to the religious faith. Enjoy some uniquely named insane dishes like the  Small Devil  or the  God-hand-made Hamburger !

Kagaya Pub

The manner in which the owner of this restaurant- Mark Kagaya presents the menu to the customers in form of a puppet show makes it a off the hook destination for travellers. Further the crazy performance of the owner graced (or disgraced) by mad jumping around and screaming in funny clothes takes it to the next level of lunatic behaviour!

Alcatraz ER

People with some lose strings in the brain would love this place. Built with a mix of a hospital, a prison and a medieval dungeon, this bar throws the visitors to the built in cells where alluring nurses treat them with 'prescribed' drinks. Watch out for the guys who runs around the corridors with a gory mask on, devil knows what he is upto!

Office Bar

Have you ever thought of getting drunk in the office and not bother about your boss? This bar will give you that feel sans the boss! The seating area is designed like the standard office cubicles with computers and drawers and even photocopy machines. Hit it and experience the madness.

Vampire Cafe

If you think that vampires are sexy, you are going to fall for this place. The decor is death gothic with blood, coffins, spider and skulls. The tempting waitress comes to you with your order and she serves the meal in small coffins or any other possible weird stuff. These places are some real hide outs for the off beat traveller and if you find yourself in this team, just grab your travel bag! 

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