Explore Aurangabad Top 5 Reason To Explore Taj Of The Deccan

Explore Aurangabad Top 5 Reason To Explore Taj Of The Deccan

  Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful tombstones in India. But did you know that it has a distant relative in Aurangabad, Maharashtra? We are talking about Bibi KaMaqbara also known as Taj of The Deccan, a mausoleum which bears a striking resemblance to Taj Mahal. To those who don’t know, Taj Mahal and Bibi-Ka-Maqbara are indeed related. We’ve listed down 5 reasons to explore "Taj of The Deccan"   An inscription on the main entrance door mentions that Bibi KaMaqbara was designed and erected by Ata-Ulla, an architect and Hanspat Rai, an engineer correspondingly. Ata-Ulla was the son of Ustad Ahmad Lahauri, the main creative designer of the Taj Mahal.    It is considered that the mausoleum was built between 1651 and 1661. The cost incurred for its construction was Rs. 6, 68,203 – 7, 00,000. Due to its resemblance to the Taj Mahal, it is known as Dakkhani Taj Taj of the Deccan.   The marble applied in the formation of Bibi KaMaqbara was transported from mines near Jaipur.    As per Tavernier, a French gem merchant and traveler, around 300 carts, drawn by over 12 oxen were used for carrying marble, which he claims to have seen during his journey from Surat to Golconda.   Bibi-ka-maqbara "Tomb of the Lady" was built in 1660 by Prince AzamShah, son of the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, in the memory of his mother, DilrasBanuBegam posthumously known as Rabia-ud-Daurani. It bears a prominent resemblance to the famous Taj Mahal. One can chill under any tree in the garden in front of the Maqbara tomb for hours.   As the official guides note this is not as ornate or spectacular as the Taj Mahal, nevertheless it is worth visiting if you have time. Unlike the Taj Mahal in Delhi, many of the waterways actually have water running through them which is very nice to see. The actual buildings could do with being better maintained and I assume they are not because this is not a UNESCO world heritage site. Whilst visiting the Bibi-Ka-Maqbara make the time to visit the Aurangabad caves which are nearby and can be seen from the B-K-M.   It’s a replica of Tajmahal situated near Aurangabad. It’s also called Tajmahal of the south. It's comparatively less crowded than.tajmahal.1st instance it looks like Tajmahal. If you are in Maharashtra, do give a few days for Aurangabad visit and visit to Bibi-ka-Maqbara is a must. Bibi KaMaqbara is in Aurangabad, India. As it resembles very much with famous Taj Mahal, it is also called 'Taj of the South'. This mausoleum was designed and erected by a son of the principal designer of the Taj Mahal.  

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