Experience The Typical Marwari Food In Jaipur Chokhi Dhani

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Experience The Typical Marwari Food In Jaipur Chokhi Dhani

Jaipur or know as pink city is a bunch of happiness for the people. From the amazing architecture such as Mahels and Forts to the perfect shopping at Bapu Bazaar you can experience all of them in this city. Other than this, Jaipur is also famous for huger marriage palaces, resorts, five stars and the most important Typical Marwari food. The yummylicious food which will leave you spellbound can be tasted at this place. To get a better taste of the food visit the authentic Chiki Dhani which shows the complete culture of Jaipur plus has the maximum dishes which Marwaris eat. There are number of halls where you can try food in Choki Dhani. Given below is a list of them:

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1. Gorbandh- Open Air Dining

Gorbandh- Open Air Dining

To experience the royal dining you must visit Gorbandh. It is an open region dining at semi round shape ground. The food which is served here is made using fresh ghee and is known for its mouth- watering aroma. The yummiest curries of Rajasthan are based on the use of pulses or gram flour. Even Dry fruits, spices and yogurt are used in a number of dishes to give it a special taste. Even a great iety of savouries and sun-dried snacks can be tasted here. From the amazing dal baati and churma or missi roti, you will end up licking your finger.

2. Sangria- Dining Hall

Sangria- Dining Hall

This dining hall is famous for the most mouth-watering and authentic Rajasthani food. The food here is served to you on a leaf platter in the tradition of Manuhaar. Your taste buds will actually enjoy the food and there hospitality will stay in your heart forever.

3. Chaupad - Dining Hall

Chaupad - Dining Hall

Chaupad is famous dining hall after Sangri which is known for its shape - Chaupad Jeeman Ghar. In India Chaupad is an antique game of Royal families like today's Ludo, which has four straight paths which merge in center. This is actually “Chaupad Jeeman Ghar" has in its shape. It has four straight rows which meet at the center. A sitting capacity of 20 people is there in each row where you can taste the best of Rajasthani dishes like Batis sunk which served with pure ghee with Choorma. It is a traditional dish of Rajasthan.

4. Royal Fine Dining

Royal Fine Dining

To experience the rich ambiance where food is served in silver plates, this is the place for you. From the vast menu to the amazing hospitality, this place is worth spending.



Talking about the food prices in Choki Dhani, they have ied rates.  For the traditional Rajasthan dining the price is 700 per person for adults and for small children Rs. 400 per kid. For the AC Royal Rajasthan Dining the price is Rs. 900 per adult and Rs. 500 per child. For the multi-cuisine buffet in Choupal the price is 11 per person and for kids it is Rs. 700 per child. While having food you can experience there traditional dance being performed.

Thus, Food at Chowki Dhani is amazing which is made with pure ghee and has the best aroma.


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