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Expensive Holiday In Dubai- Where Moolah Does The Talking!!!

Dubai is a hub for the expensive vacation seekers. The select hotels, resorts, malls, spas and restaurants offer world class service at the cost of heavy bills. This expensive side of Dubai comes with luxury and class. Holidaying abroad requires the urge to explore the never seen, a passion to get immersed in the traditional ways of the particular destination that one is planning to visit and quite obviously and a bit brutally- money. More the moolah, better the opportunities! But what if someone is over flooded with cash and wants to spend a huge amount on a vacation? First of all, he/she needs to be very careful and extremely choosy in picking up the right options. There is absolutely no dearth of experiences where the product turns out to be ordinary and quite low in quality even at a high cost. Some tourist destinations charge you sky high but in turn what you get is not even half the worth of the money spent. Well, any sensible people on earth would flatly say, it is a sheer waste of wealth and time. If a traveler is emptying the wallet at a great p[ace, he/she has the every right to get the real worth in terms of services and comfort. The right options might be many, but one destination that is likely to feature in any list in this high spending club is dubai.Growing at a tremendous speed, this city state has captured a fertile slot in the imagination of the global traveler willing to get rid of the cash fast and thick!?

Hailed by a particular section of holidaymaker as a seven star hotel, Burj Al Arab is beyond doubt a luxury hotel with over 200 rooms in its structure of 60 floors. The room charges stick around two thousand dollars per room and once you check in you will be transported into a different world of hospitality and class. Spend your evenings at the Skyview Bar sipping into some plush cocktails costing a minimum of hundred dollars per drink and rejuvenate in the equally expensive Assawan Spa. If you think, that's not enough, how about commuting in a Rolls Royce limousine? Starry, isn't it?

Deira Gold Souq

You like jewelry or not, the sheer size and variety available in the Deira's Gold Souq makes you head towards it. One of the largest of its kind, this market is home to hundreds of shops dealing in gold, diamonds and pearls with a mind blowing range of stuff covering Arabian and Indian wedding jewelry, bangles and bracelets of all type and design you can ever imagine. The prices are in tandem with the class of the work and eventually are on the higher 

The Shopping Malls

Don't live under the illusion that the tax free Dubai is good for some reasonable bargain laden shopping. To get the best of the lot and enjoy a posh outing, hit the high end shopping malls. Quite similar to any town center in other parts of the world, these malls are extremely plush with fountains, 

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