Everything about the Carnivals in Italy

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Everything about the Carnivals in Italy

Are you planning to visit Italy this year? Then, you should not miss witnessing the carnivals that would happen throughout the year across Italy. There are many different festivals that are celebrated in this city. Italians will be celebrating carnivals as per the traditions that are followed in different cities, thus making every celebration unique. Not just the travelers from across the globe, even local travelers would plan a visit to the carnivals happening in different places across Italy to enjoy the colorful Italy Carnival with family. Most of the carnivals are celebrated in the month of February where the atmosphere would turn lively. For the carnivals, people will be decked up in different costumes to look beautiful.



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1. Viareggio 5.0 

This hosts political floats carnival. This is the most popular Viareggio Carnival to which many people including the local and global travelers come to this place to witness it. This was started in 1873 and as an event that is celebrated by the upper class. The celebrations comprise of animated parade floats with the comic strips of politicians and celebrities. There are many dance events and concerts organized for a month. Every year this carnival is celebrated with a different theme like the fears of people, internet, economic crises, etc. 


You need to travel to this place a few days before the carnival to enjoy other tourist attractions of the place. You will also get to meet the craftsman who will be working to prepare a great masterpiece from year long. They also build hangers to create floats and a papier-mache school. The local bars and restaurants would take part in the Viareggio Carnival to create a festive vibe.

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2. Ivrea 5.0 

This Ivrea Carnival is celebrated in Piedmont’s town that is known for hosting this crazy orange throwing carnival. This was started in 1808 where people have spent a whole day throwing oranges at each other. If you want to enjoy throwing oranges at the people and without hurting yourself, you have to wear a scarf or shirt that is in red color. This is a battle that is fought for freedom and also referred to as the civil war that is fought between the people of Ivrea and Napoleonic troop. 


The main objective of celebrating this carnival is to support the ideology of freedom. In recent times, they have started organizing a competition between the people of different districts in Ivrea. The best part of the celebration is that many music performers from across Europe would come to give their rendition and entertain people. At the end of the Ivrea Carnival, you see orange mashed everywhere. 

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3. Putignano 5.0 

This Italy Carnival is hosted in the province of Bari that is situated in Apulia. This is the longest carnival that is celebrated in Italy. This carnival is named as a very ancient carnival. This starts at the end of December and ends by taking a procession and carrying out the funeral of the carnival. This is the oldest carnival celebrated in Europe and was started in 1394. 


As the remains of the Saint are brought to this place, farmers would take the religious procession and then followed by the celebrations on a grand scale with songs, jokes and parody acts. You can witness many poets singing satirical rhymes to amuse people. The best thing is that, this carnival would serve scrumptious food to the visitors.

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4. Cento 5.0 

The carnival of Cento has started in the 17th century and is celebrated as a rich folkloristic event in the city. This carnival has got international fame. The wonderful float parades taken in the historic center would lift up the spirit of the carnival. The amazing music and dancing figures with masks are a real treat to witness in this carnival.


This is celebrated on five Sundays before Lent. On the last Sunday of the celebrations, everyone would dress up in the best costumes. This is held between Venice and Florence, so if you are planning for a trip to the Central and Northern of Italy, then you can enjoy witnessing the beauty of this carnival.

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5. Venice

<a href='https://www.hellotravel.com/united-states-of-america/venice' class='c3'>Venice</a>

This is the main carnival festival celebrated by Italians. This first Venice Carnival was celebrated in 1296 during the La Serenissima times where a day before Lent is d as a day fun day and merry-making day. There is a mask that is worn by people to avoid differences in gender, social class, and religion. The people who make masks are given high respect. The special attraction of this carnival is “Flight of the Angel”, which will take you to Giovedì Grasso. You can get masked balls to play in the carnival and rental costumes. 


The masked parade would be held at Piazza San Marco. The closing of the Venice Carnival will be done with fireworks. The above is the wonderful carnivals celebrated in different cities of Italy ever year. 

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