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Creative Ideas for Halloween Party

Planning to decorate your house on 31 October for a Halloween party but confused which theme to select? Hellotravel is here to guide about the complete decoration of your house. Here are the some creative ideas that can make your party a spooky-good time.
Hanging Ghosts
Ghost 01_1426765810e11.jpg

When we talk about Halloween parties then Ghosts is the first thing that comes in mind. So the Halloween party is tasteless without ghosts. With a few Styrofoam balls, some cheesecloth and a black marker, you can create tons of these little guys to hang all over your porch or inside your house if you prefer.


This ghostly staircase decorated with pumpkins is the best way make the entrance horrifying

Glowing Eyes

If you want to scare all of your guest then these scary eyes created with Toilet paper rolls and glow sticks will surely help you.

Bloody hands:

What's Halloween without bloody hand prints all over your windows and mirrors? Make them yourself with Elmer's glue and red food coloring!

Head in the Jar

Putting your head's picture into the jar can also give a scary look.

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