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Celebrate Joy And Hope- Most Colourful Destinations On Earth!!!

The most colourful destinations of the World are always at the radder of the global traveller. Countries with a perfect blend of various shades has such effect on human senses that it is hard to resist. As a natural consequence, colourful places attract more tourists.

South Africa 4.5 ★

The versatile and uniquely different nation that we call South Africa is a gem in the equally mystic continent of Africa. The nation has lush valleys, flowing streams, all the seasons of Nature, sea, sand, beaches, vaulting mountains and how to miss; the wild safaris! All these contribute to an enormous opportunity for all the possible colours in the world to come alive and show their true colours! The burgundy autumn is replaced by the deep green springs; wildlife is a fair of shades and colours with each unit of flora and fauna displaying myriad tones and mood.

Morocco 4.5 ★

: Be in Morocco and you will never hate to feel the Blues again! The whole of this part of the world is primarily dominated by this colour in all its shades, be it cyan, ultramarine or azure. The walls of the cities are coloured in denim blue that gives a totally different feel if stared long! The blue of the Mediterranean Sea is not like the greyish-blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. If this colour is getting heavy on you, turn to the deserts and see it changing to pink from sparkling golden as the sun descends. Walk down the markets and witness what colours can do to human mind.

India 4.0 ★

: The ever magical land of India is one of the rarest places in the world where colours truly come alive with soul and significance. In this ancient country, each colour is associated with something exclusive and native that has a close tie with the Indian culture, its religious awareness and daily habits of the people. Where else would you find a festival dedicated wholly to colours (Holi) and is an integral part of the traditional celebrations. Not only that, the people, the landscapes, the art and the handicraft- all are doused in countless shades and tone to cast a spell.

: Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Norway is also not far behind when it comes to Nature's conspiracy with colours. The scenic natural beauty and the man made colourful creations joins hand to add to the already rich coffer of Norwegian majesty. The valleys, the glaciers and the fjords are the hub of colours and are timeless sources that lure travellers, photographers and anyone with a creative bent of mind.

Netherlands 3.0 ★

Its not at all surprising to find Netherlands in this story as our planet owes many of her renowned painters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Gogh and Koonin to this land. Synonymous with the bright orange colour, Netherlands seems to be a colourfully wild and free domain where a traveller finds homes with many colours that makes them look unique and honestly appealing. The fields are multi coloured with stripes of crops criss crossing. You still need a reason to book your flight?

The nation of Peru is about a bunch of jolly people who dresses themselves up in colourful clothes on a regular basis and the impact is impeccable on the days of festivals and events. Colours move around in streets and lanes, valleys and mountains, beaches and volcanoes.  

Japan 4 ★

Colours manifest in the island of Japan in the most unconventional ways. Technologically advanced as they are, the Japanese neon signs are the meeting point of thousands of colourful lights. Take a stroll in Shinjuku in Tokyo and you will see it for yourself! Further, the old shrines, quaint hamlets and natural sceneries are also the finest specimen of the magic created by colours. Youth with coloured locks and piercing are another aspect that is common to any Japan pavement. Come close to colours as what you get is always hopes and brightness. Its a gift to be celebrated not to keep under the wrapper!        

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