Best cafes in Meghalaya- 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Meghalaya

Best cafes in Meghalaya- 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a hilly state in the north-eastern region of India. The name Meghalaya means ‘abode of clouds’ which is logically well-suited with the place due to frequent rain that can happen at any time and any part of the day. The place is rewarded with the breath-taking beauty of nature all around and hence, lots of tourists not only from India but, also from other countries of the world come here to experience the great canvas of the nature-filled with mesmerizing colors. A good footfall of tourists has also encouraged the development of various facilities such as world-class cafes, restaurants, and food places with the view of serving better. Cafes and restaurants here serve the best drinks and foods of the Tibetan Region with high-quality taste and standard. Meghalaya has many restaurants and food joints that are good and budget-friendly at the same time. Shillong in Meghalaya is a heaven for food lovers where one can find so many amazing cafes and restaurants which serve the most delicious dishes. Once you are in Shillong make sure that you try their local Khasi cuisine to get a feel of the authentic food of Meghalaya. Shillong -the capital city of Meghalaya is popularly known as the Scotland of the east due to its resemblance in terms of landscapes and culture of the people living here. This resemblance also helped in the emergence of lots of cafés and restaurants in the region. Here is the list of some of the finest cafes that you must try once you are here in Shillong. Here we have a list of some very famous cafes and restaurants that you must visit during your tour to Meghalaya.

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Here is a list for you - Best cafes in Meghalaya- 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Meghalaya

1. Swish Cafe

Swish Café is probably the first café that opened not in Shillong, but also in Meghalaya. This is the café that set the trend of coffee culture in the state. The café is located at Laitumkharah Beat House in Shillong. Swish café is one of the most popular and frequently visited cafés by youngsters, tourists, and popular musicians in the city. The café is equipped with television, a mini library, the sound of music which attracts people to come together and make Swish Café a melting pot of books, beans, and a full-fledged place of love and compassion. Pork ribs and chicken roast are the recommended preparation of the Swish Café in Meghalaya.

2. Café Shillong

Café Shillong is the place where one can find almost all the things such as roasted pork ribs, a huge mug of Irish coffee, and soulful musicespecially on Sunday of Shillong’s Bob Dylan- Lou Majaw. From the outside, the café may seem like an average-looking building, but from inside it is actually one of Shillong’s best cafes with sophisticated décor, attentive staff, and a great variety of continental dishes. The café is located at Laitumkhrah area with both in-house and outside seating arrangement with a good WiFi option for the customers. The specialty of this café in Shillong is Khao Suey and Shillong Noodles.

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3. Café Shillong Heritage

Cafe Shillong is considered as the sister café of Café Shillong. The café is located quaintly on the hills en route of Tripura Castle. A beautiful little eatery, the Café Shillong Heritage was started in the year 2012 by Larsing Ming Sawyan and William Deingdoh. The café is very famous for its momos and yummy chutney. A cup of Hazelnut coffee with a book is all that you can enjoy on the Café Shillong Heritage.

4. Little Chef Café

Litlle Chef Café could be the best place for the chocolate lovers as the café serves best brownies and black forest cakes in town which was initially started with serving pastries. It got the fame of one of the most happening cafés in town by 2013. Apart from chocolate, the café also offers continental dishes but with the fusion of the local ingredients and flavors. The most recommended items from this café are desserts with coffee, salad with local herbs and vegetables.


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5. Bread Café

Bread Café is located in the heart of Shillong’s commercial hub Police Bazaar. It is the third café which was established around ten years back in Shillong. The Café is best to try some delicious pastries and the German Pastry is the most sold pastry of the Bread Café in Shillong.

6. Munchies Shillong

This is a small café located near Don Bosco Square in the Laitmakurah region. Munchies Shillong has an open and rooftop setting and it is not as fancy as other places in Shillong. Munchies menu includes wraps, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and so on. Though you might not find a large variety of food here, each dish served here with full of taste and delicacy. Moreover, for non-vegetarian people, Munchies serves Lebanese Shawarma, Beef Burger, and Chicken Burger could be the best dishes to try once from here. The average cost of eating lies around 100-200 INR per person.

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7. Jadoh

Jadoh is one of the finest and cheapest places to eat in Shillong, it is perfect for all the budget-travelers out there who are a big foodie as well. Here one can enjoy the authentic Khasi cuisine which includes rice, pork, beef, chutney, daal, etc. The amazing thing about this place is that one can take an option for including vegetables and other vegetarian products into the Khasi dish as a substitute for pork, beef, etc. Hence, vegetarian people don’t have to think too much about their food and meal here at Jadoh. The place is also known for its fast service and cheap rates of food here. One can eat well here within 100-150 INR. It only takes 5 minutes to get your food as most of the things are already ready.

8. Phunga Manipuri Restaurant

This is another place where you can dig onto an authentic North East Indian dishes in Phunga Manipuri Restaurant. The place is just a few buildings away from Café Shillong and known for both its ambiance and delicious food. The entire place is decorated with bamboo and local accessories for giving a feeling that one is actually in Manipur. Apart from their amazing décor, they also have an amazing food selection with an opulent variety of food. So, one can choose the cuisines of Manipuri, Arunachal, Assamese, Khasi, etc. The average cost for one person’s meal is around 150-200 INR.

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9. Dylan’s Café

Being one of the best food places in Shillong for eating, Dylan’s Café is very famous among the locals and tourists for the quality of the food and desserts they offer. The amazing décor and lighting of the place give it a unique ambiance with lots of games like Scrabble, Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, UNO, etc. Where one can easily spend 2-3 hours chilling out with other people or playing games with your friends. Now, if we talk about the food, there is no comparison of the taste and quantity of the food being served here. Dylan serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food without compromising with the quality of the food. Best dishes, serve by the Café are Mississippi Mud Pie, Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich, Pigs in Blanket, etc. The place is a little costly in comparison with other restaurants but the quality of food and ambiance is worth it. The average coast here that you have to spend id around 300-500 INR for per person.

10. Hashtag

Another amazing place for eating in the Laitumkhrah region of Meghalaya, located near Munchies Shillong. Here you will get burgers, fried rice, momos, etc. Most of the dishes offered here cost between 70 to 200 INR, so it is well within your budget as well. The food served here comes up with decent quantity, perfect for your full one time meal. The one thing that you have to compromise with is service timing, as you have to give 20-30 minutes to get your food on your table. But the price, quantity, and quality all together compensate for the waiting timing.


Meghalaya surely will amaze you with its amazing food places and cafés. The restaurants not only provide the best food but a variety of food as well from all the North East Indian states. A trip without visiting the restaurants and cafes of Meghalaya in Shillong is a trip incomplete.

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