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Australia Travelogues and travel stories – A perfect family vacation

Australia Travelogues and travel stories – A perfect family vacation

Australia is always more to what you know about the place. Every time you explore something new about this awesome place you tend to realize that still, an untapped part of the adventure is waiting for you! You can go for the best deep-sea diving in the Great Barrier Reef - the world's largest ecosystem. You can go in the outback to enjoy the wild activities, go for sky diving, mountain cliff camping; so many adventure activities which will bring your heart in the mouth.

On the other side, Australia has a rich history as well, how this place was once used by the Britishers as a penal colony and they used to leave the terminally ill people and criminals to this place to let them die however this weaken the indigenous Australians.

I wanted to travel to this content because I heard quite a lot about the beauty of the place. As discovered while searching for Australia found that you need to do proper itinerary planning before visiting along with budgeting as well. This is some of the least cost-friendly destinations to visit. So I did my research online about the places to visit, best activities to indulge in with family, do's and don'ts of course. Overall, I was quite content with the description of the place and now I wanted to explore it myself. Then, I shared the idea with my family, they were super excited and so was I. I applied for leaves well in advance first thing to do, then moved to my trusted travel agency to plan my entire trip right from flights, accommodation, to transfers, and sightseeing as well. I will recommend you to book your flights at least 4 to 5 months early to get the best rates which I did. Then, finally, we were in the last week before travel and I started packing. So, I hooked up some T-Shirts, shorts, waterproof jacket, Light sweater, swimwear, and kept my accessories like sunglasses, Wide-brimmed hat. All the gadgets you will need them like Mobile, DSLR, power bank, Some basic medicines, Sunscreen, torch and bag pack. The packing was completed and we were all set to board out flight the next morning.

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Here is a list for you - Australia Travelogues and travel stories – A perfect family vacation

1. An exciting day begins

All of us were excited for this trip to Australia and because we're doing packing till late night so we didn't even sleep as had to catch an early morning flight. We reached the airport well in time and boarded our approx 16 hours flight to Sydney. When went on to sleep to somehow do away with this travel time. When we were about to reach Sydney as usual the aircrew did announcements. Then we woke opened the window lids and saw the ultimate view of Sydney. It was just like a piece of land in the deep blue ocean with versatile designed buildings the scene was truly awesome. Once we came outpost clearing customs formalities the driver was waiting holding our name card to welcome us. One thing to be noted that if you are carrying any medicine apart from basic medicines you need to carry a prescription or a letter from the doctor stating the need of the medicine, also you need to disclose it at the airport authorities as well. We saw one passenger on the same flight facing trouble while getting the security check because of the same issue. We went to the hotel and got settle and tried to recover from the jetlag for some time. Then, we moved on to The Rocks which is a historic neighbourhood laneway in the shadow of the Harbour Bridge, while roaming around grabbed one Australian burger along with local drink and did some window shopping for now and the entire lane is build up in such a way that it will remind you of the old English movies. Then, we moved close to the world-famous Sydney Harbour bridge the view from nearby was truly awesome and we click some wonderful pictures. It is normally used by the people in Australia to cross the Parramatta River and we some of the ferries crossing in the river in front of us. Now, we moved to our next destination which was the Sydney Opera House. It is just 7 km from the bridge and I had a wonderful time here along with my family. As you see it in the pictures, this building looks truly awesome from nearby as well. I bought a family ticket to visit, and the design of the built-up area was splendid which called for us to take some clicks at it. Our next destination in the evening was the Bondi beach, quite a refreshing place with a lot of people indulging in the last water rides for the day. We relaxed on the amazing white sand beach and witnesses one of the iconic sunsets here. Then we moved back to the hotel to spend the night.

2. A beautiful Blue Mountains Day

We had an awesome sleep last night in the cosy hotel. This morning we head to the UNESCO World heritage region - The Blue Mountains. We first stopped at Calmsley Hill Farm. Took an amazing tea from there and then spent some time feeding kangaroos, a pet koala emus and wallabies. Our journey went through some breathtaking views of the villages on the way, spectacular waterfalls showed the richness of nature in the country. We reached the lookout point and walked around and listen to chirpy sounds of the Australian forest species. In the afternoon, we stopped at a restaurant to enjoy our meal with some Australian dishes on the menu along with matching wines. Afterwards, we visited the outlook view of scenic Govett’s Leap which is quite a famous waterfall in Australia with an impressive height of 591 Ft. We could feel that the water was chilling it was an ultimate view. Our last stop for the day was Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens, this is famous for its amazing flora spread over 28 hectares open for public. The fragrance in the air was quite soothing, it lush green everywhere, we spend some time in the middle of the garden with kids playing around before we decided to go back to the hotel.

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3. Know about the Australian Culture

Today, morning post enjoying the toothsome breakfast we head to the Sydney Airport to board a flight to Uluru, home of the Ayers Rock. Once we reached the destination the representative moved us to the hotel. Post that we took some breath our guide took us to the base of Uluru we drove around this beautiful red rock. Then moved on for the walk between Kuniya Walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole, and guide told us about the story of two snakes who fought with each other, the Woma python woman was trying to protect these caves. They have a belief that she is still protecting it. We sat there for some time and listen to the sounds of trickling water and chirping birds around it was truly a tranquil atmosphere and we could feel the peace. We also came to know that some indigenous Australian groups are still present here however they don't mingle that much with the visitors. Then, we moved to an exciting cultural red centre where I took some awesome pictures and head to the Uluru sunset viewing area to wait for the sunset. The best part was this during the sunset the light of sun falling on this rock and it was changing colours. Oh, we could not believe initially that it was happening then our guide confirmed that is a special view during the sunset. Now, it was time to return to the hotel for overnight stay.

4. Cairns - a special trip for water adventures

We woke early for the sunrise and again witness the sunlight slowly changes the colour of Uluru rocks. Then, we reached the amazing naturally formed rock part of the Uluru rocks sightseeing only these are three domed type rocks which is a natural formation. It was unique I never anything like that earlier in my past travel history at the Kata Tjuta. Then, we started the walk through Walpa Gorge between the two of the bigger rocks to feel the nature closely. If you a nature lover, you will surely find this magical piece of god a special creation.

In the afternoon, we took a flight to the Cairns for our next destination to explore. This was a splendid city with a pretty cool atmosphere all around. We had to spend the day on our leisure, we went to the beach ordered some sizzlers along with drink and then went in the waters did some fantabulous water activities. This was a super thrilling experience for all of us these crystal clear waters of the beach. The entire atmosphere was so lively that all of us enjoyed thoroughly. There were people around surfing, playing on the beach, with the sun little hot the waters were tempting and went for multiples dips till the sunset. Then, we wandered around in the city enjoying the local sightings. We booked a table at the amazing Cairns Aquarium restaurant for dinner. They have this mammoth 46-foot marine aquarium which is inhabiting various cute fishes, turtles, and other sea creatures. It was a unique experience for us however the kids were having a gala time at this place and we ordered the Australia cuisine and fusion dishes.

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5. Visit to the World's Largest Eco-System

This morning was full of excitement and thrill, as today we were planned to visit for the deep-sea diving in the Great Barrier reef which is the world's largest coral reef. We boarded a highspeed catamaran for a full day cruise to the reef. This place was an awesome plethora of marine life, over 3000 reef systems and coral cays. We went on to the reef tour I was awe-struck looking at the entire reef system from my own eyes in front of me, with beautiful fishes roaming around with some other sea creatures as well. Wow, this is a must to do activity in a lifetime. Then, we took our buffet lunch, further again went for the snorkelling in the magical deep blue waters. In the evening, post completing the activities we were dropped at the hotel to enjoy the rest of the day.

6. A Day near to the culture and nature

We started the journey today for the Kuranda village and the rainforest available at the highest altitude. We boarded the Skyrail and could see the entire tropical rainforest under our feet as they Skyrail is a thrilling cable rail crossing you over the jungle. Once we reach the village we meet the local people understood their way of living, further explored the local market and cafe as well. Then, our next place to visit was the bird world which you cant once you visit this village a splendid aviary was there with numerous beautiful birds to watch. The next place was Australia butterfly Sanctuary, quite unusual to hear to this was just stunning. Butterflies are normally so beautiful and look at over 1500 different types of butterflies is something which I can't explain in words, all I can say it was heavenly. Our next ride was for the Kuranda Koala Gardens, where we played this amazing cute creature Koala found only in Australia. In the end, we took a train back to the Cairns going through the scenic valley and surroundings, waterfalls, forests, nature everywhere. It was a memorable day of the trip, we explored new avenues in this day.

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7. Good Bye Land of Oz

As all good things come to an end, today it was time to say goodbye to this lively country. We had so much fun here and indeed every family member thoroughly enjoyed this trip. We took our morning meal, then moved to a nearby mall to take some souvenirs back home and then dropped off to the airport for departure.

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