5 Cities In Spain That Are A Travelers Dream Come True

5 Cities In Spain That Are A Travelers Dream Come True

  Spain has been around for a long time now. It was one of the first urban countries of the world and it has a rich history. There are many monuments, palaces, castles, and churches that have been erected all over the country, ensuring that people come in and visit all year around. The cities in Spain are more of a traveler's delight than historians since the country has started cashing in on the tourism. However, people of all professions make it a point to add Spain to their bucket list. Here are a few cities that will ensure the traveler's mind to be engaged in nothing but awe.  

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Here is a list for you - 5 Cities In Spain That Are A Travelers Dream Come True

1. Madrid


Over the last few years, Madrid has become one of the more popular cities in Spain. Things have gotten better for the city of Madrid with the expansion of the Prado, Reina Sofia, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza museums. With that, the tourism in the city increased significantly and new cafes, delis, restaurants, hotels, and bars started opening up at ious locations to cater to their needs.

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3. Costa Brava


This is one of the most romantic cities in Spain and in Europe too. Located at the coast, Costa Brava is a combination of sceneries, with wild parts somewhere while others are quite sophisticated in nature. There are many hotels and restaurants in the city to provide you with shelter and food. The lovers of food will not want to leave the city due to the many cafes dotted along the stretch of the coast. The city has the highest density of the Michelin-starred chefs and the wine served in the city is produced locally in the vineyards nearby.

4. Valencia


The ancient city of Valencia stands to be the third largest city in the country. The architecture from the old ages has brought in quite a lot of tourists all around the year. The styling of the architecture is inspired from the Gothic and the Renaissance era, with many beautiful monuments and museums dotting the roads in the city. If you are looking for a true Mediterranean experience and cuisine, you need not look elsewhere.

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5. Seville


Yet another ancient city, Seville has urbanized itself and proudly boasts the many tapas bars, flamenco, and orange trees in it. This is one of the cities that the tourists take a break in on the long journeys across the country. Usually, it takes up to two days to explore the major places in the city and you will notice that there is a presence of the Moorish and Catholic past of the country in the city alone.

These were just some of the major cities that are located in Spain. The country is a true example of a perfect blend of the ancient history with the modern urbanization.

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