5 Bizarre Places in Delhi That Will Freeaaak you out! 

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5 Bizarre Places in Delhi That Will Freeaaak you out!

How would you feel when the familiar calmness of a place turns into the stillness of an mysterious kind and the air around you suddenly becomes heavier and unwelcoming as if asking you to leave? SPOOKY? Spine Chilling? Most of you wouldn’t believe the uncanny experiences of people unless it happens to you.

Delhi, a city braided with diverse cultures and historical associations throughout ages, is full of the tales from old lang syne. Among these tales is a legitimate share of ghost stories. Brave enough to spend an evening with the ghosts of Delhi? Read On!

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Ours is a fast paced city with populated metros and thousands of ritzy cars running wild on the roads. But this expeditious city has a dark side too. When the dusk falls, the secrets reveal. Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal, near Jhandewalam Metro Station is a small mahal cum courtyard constructed in the 14th Century by the Tughlaqs. The place gets its name from the lady caretaker, Bu-Ali Bhatti. Over the years, this mahal has gained the reputation of one of the most haunted places in the capital. While a number of locals living around the area have claimed to have heard creepy noises, other say that it’s all psychological.

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House No. W- 3 GK1

Among the swanky houses in the posh colony of Greater Kailash Part-1, lies a haunted mansion which became infamous for heinous happenings recently. Rumors talk about the murder of an elderly couple in the house, whose bodies were later found in an under-water tank. The mystery remains unsolved till date. Nearby residents hear unusual sounds of sobbing and screaming at odd hours of the day and night. Would you trespass a mansion with no master?

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Karkardooma Court Complex - A Jury Full of Ghosts

Who would you find when you go to a court? Lawyers? Police Officials? Criminals? Did you miss someone? Think again! 
Apart from the usual visitors there can be some bizarre ones as well. This not-so-famous court in Delhi, the Karkardoma Court Complex, recently became ‘infamous’ for notorious activities happening every night. The spooky unexplainable events have been recorded on CCTV cameras. Whizzing of chairs, cupboards opening up, papers scattering around the room have become extremely common. The terror has led to the work being winded up by 5 p.m. with no one lingering around the complex after dark.

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Dwarka Sector 9 -A Tree so Unearthly

And the night became even darker and all he could see was a woman standing near a Peepal tree. As you pass by, she starts to run behind your car and then disappears suddenly. Eerie enough? This is exactly what happens near this mysterious tree in Dwarka Sector 9. The night becomes a harbinger of traumatic illusions for a number of passersby. People have visions of an unknown woman running towards the car and knocking the window with her spine chilling apparition. The next time you drive past this area, make sure you don’t have an unknown company!

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The Creepy Delhi Cantt

How can anyone not mention Delhi Cantt while talking about the supernatural places in the capital. Established by the British Indian, this has become the most eerie place with chillingly bizarre incidences. The area is believed to be haunted by the vengeful lady ghost in white saree asking for a lift. If you don’t stop, she will run with the same speed as your car and will disappear suddenly. Wait! Does this woman-in-white saree story seems familiar? This might seem like an old cliché but trust us the place is creepy as hell.

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