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12 Most Followed Instagram Travel Accounts That Will Spark Your Wanderlust

The world we are living in is a home to some breathtaking landscapes and many other majestic and wonderful travel destinations. Every one of us at some point in time wants to take a break from our busy schedule and plan a vacation to relax. Some of them want to have a relaxing atmosphere whereas some want to have adventurous vacations.

Some of the wonderful travelers by themselves have become an inspiration as well as a guide for many of the individuals that are planning their vacations by posting their experiences on their Instagram account. If you’re searching for some inspiration to spark your wanderlust, listed here are few of the most adopted Instagram accounts primarily based on Travel Experiences

@urbanpixxels — 22.6k followers

This account is being handled by Dutch “Jacintha Verdegaal” who resides in London. She is a person who loves to travel around the world and claims to be "always dreaming about my next trip and my next meal." She treats her Instagram account as her diary of life in a new city.

@budgettraveller — 27.5k followers

Kash Bhattacharya is famous as National Geographic Traveler blogger of the year. He has also written the book "Luxury Hotels of Europe”. His Instagram account is can be an inspiration for those willing to travel in style within a budget.

@drinksintheair — 59.7k followers

The creators of this account realize that they can catch onto something with their concept. They generally post the pictures of showing food like a sandwich or ice cream cone, being held up in front of a scenic background.

@jamesasquithtravel — 70.1k followers

James Asquith is only 24 years old and is considered as the youngest person to travel to every country. Though he has not shared much of the clicks during his travel, now he is posting some of the really nice pictures on his account. He has 75.1k followers in just over three months.

@chaiwalla — 164k followers

Allan Edward Hinton is in so much of love with traveling that he left his London office job and sold all his possessions just to travel the world. It’s been almost Now 34 months for him enjoying his new life, his Instagram account is a hub of a different view of people and places around the world.

@theblondeabroad — 311k followers

Kiersten Rich also left her corporate finance job to travel the world. She has been to more than 50 countries around the world. Her account can be treated as a guide to explore the world. 

@ovunno — 414k followers

Oliver Vegas is professionally a freelance photographer who loves travel the world which is clear enough through his stunningly-shots on his Instagram account.

@onemileatatime — 704k followers

Ben Shipping is only 26 years old who is considered as a full-time travel blogger. He claims to fly over 400,000 miles every year and doesn't like to stay more than 3 days in one place. His account is a perfect home for the uniqueness of this beautiful world.

@passionpassport — 766k followers

They post the gorgeous photographs of the world by collecting pictures from a community of travelers and storytellers.

@lonelyplanet — 1 million followers

They shares photos being clicked by their staff on the road on its Instagram account.  They have a collection of numerous photos elaborating the beauty of this world.

@airbnb — 1.5 million followers

This account is a place wherein you can see the most unique and incredible places that you can rent around the world.

@beautifuldestinations – 8 million followers

Beautiful Destinations is simply a collection of the most stunning pictures of the most stunning places around the world, which seems to be working for its 8m followers.

Every year we want to try something new and it does always seem to be outdoors. Our world has no limit in terms of adventure and one cannot experience all within a short span of time. On the other hand, many individuals are not in a position to convert their journey dream into actuality, whereas there are those that dedicate their lives to journey and exploration.

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