10 places to visit in Lonavala

10 places to visit in Lonavala

Here are some of the best places to visit in Lonavala

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Here is a list for you - 10 places to visit in Lonavala

1. Duke’s Nose

One of the most outstanding landmarks to strike your eyes almost immediately as you reach Lonavala is the structure of Duke’s Nose. A huge monolithic rock structure, it pierces the foggy clouds with its peculiar shape! In local language the peak is also called Nagphani which translates to mean snake’s hood.

2. Durshet

Resting serenely in the laps of the Sahyadris, Durshet bursts forth as an perfect and negligent weekend destination festooned in all the nature’s beauty. The destination is surrounded of perfectly green and lush forests. While in Durshet, there are a number of activities that can keep your travel loving heart occupied!

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3. Maval,Takve Lake

The site of the most significant activities in the history of Maharashtra, Maval is the place where the great king Shivaji Maharaj trained his army of soldiers who were called Malvas. The Takve Lake, extensive in the region brings a very ideal opportunity to experience amazing water adventure water sports.

4. Pawna Dam

Located near Lohagad, Pawna Dam is one of the most astonishing places to see near Lonavala. Built over the Pavna River, it is an significant development in terms of its standing for the agricultural produce of the land .Break away into nature’s arms with this picture perfect is a spot on pleasure!

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5. Ghangad - Tailbaila

Ghangad is a fort secluded in the Sahyadris, slam to the lovely Mulshi stream which is in Pune District near Lonavala. Being in the heart of Tamhini Ghat, the hike up to the fort is misleadingly simple. There are two colossal rocks gaps at the way of the post and as of now some remodel work is in progress to update the structure. Tailbaila on the other hand is a monolithic structure, which takes after a cobra head. 

6. Koraigad

One of the places that have remained safe from harshness of humans and materialness is the Koraigad which is one of the offbeat places to see in Lonavala.  A trek that is a world apart from the rest, Koraigad lies beside the road hardly ever taken. It is populated by beautiful views of the surrounding and yet a stoic reminder of solitude.

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7. Rajmachi

The Rajmachi Fort is amongst the loveliest treks in Maharashtra, also the pride and delight of the Sahyadri Ranges! Encompassed by unmatched natural beauty, The beauty of the forts really comes breathing in the middle of the rains as the greenery tenable slopes give feet up to butterflies and birds of many species. 

8. Tikona

Tilkona is a very well-known hill fort in Lonavala, also one of its most important places to visit which literally means ‘Triangle Fort’. An important spectacle of many historical happenings, the Tikona fort is a deservedly well-liked trekking destination for the adventure lovers.

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10. Visapur

For the courageous travellers, this is a perfect occasion to examination out their direction-finding and direction sense. On the top you are welcomed with far-reaching views of the Sahyadri peaks and their consequent valleys that are decorated in rich greens dissimilar any you will ever see in the cities

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