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10 historic places that have been ruined and rebuilt

10 historic places that have been ruined and rebuilt


With the putting down of the Notre Dame cathedral, the whole world was in shock and misery to be not able to see the iconic structure anytime soon. However the massive donations from all over the world has already made the renovation process pick up. The Notre Dame reconstruction is just one of the story that we have come across. In the past there were many stories and the monuments that has been put down, reconstructed and rebuilt which we might not have come across. Let us learn about some of these structures that had been put down and back in the most silent way.

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1. Reims Cathedral


In the north of Paris lies the Champagne region is the Reims Cathedral which is nothing less than the Notre Dame. The cathedral was completely destroyed in by fire and then rebuilt in 1210. Not only this after so much of restoration and rebuilding work, the Reims caught the fire again in 1481. Even after all this the cathedral has suffered enormously during the various wars and has been close to damaged but has been reconstructed many times and still standing tall and high.

6. Fort Manoel


Occupied by the britishers during the world war 2, Fort Manoel lost its existence and was decommissioned in 1964 up until 2001 when the restoration began. The work is still going on but the main areas remain open for visitors and for the shooting of the famous show Game of Thrones.

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