10 Bizarre Sculptures Across The World

10 Bizarre Sculptures Across The World

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Here is a list for you - 10 Bizarre Sculptures Across The World

1. Nation for Itself Forever

To view something unusual and bizarre, you must travel to Prague, here you will witness the statue created by David Cerny which is installed at the National Theatre on the bank of River Vltava, and this art is shocking where you will view a sculpture of a huge naked man in quite a surprising situation.

2. Traffic Light Tree

Traffic lights are an important tool to control traffic, but you will amaze to view a tree kind traffic light situated in London. For an amateur driver, figuring out their light would be a great task. This weird traffic tree is designed by the French sculptor Pierre Vivant and it is a worrying symbol of city life.

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3. Vomiting Fountain Sculpture

It looks really bizarre, a Vomiting Fountain Sculpture which is located in London. You would never feel like touching water. It looks really gross and it is difficulty ignores because it is situated right on the street. At night it might look like a ghost or something really nasty.

4. Bathing Lady

A bathing lady could be an artistic scene, but Bathing lady in Germany look really strange. It is a 67 foot long lady bathing in the lake of Hamburg and attracts a lot of tourists here. The authority didn’t like to pursue with this idea of bathing lady, but it seems that she has many fans.

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5. Walking to the Sky

Everyone likes to walk in the sky and Walking to the Sky is a sculpture that represents professional life, to view it you have to travel to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Here few people are walking on vertical pole and the pole disappears in the sky, quite horrifying. It is a great idea though, but looks really strange and weird.

6. Hollow Men

Hollow Men are created by Bruno Catalano; here you will view incomplete ‘half- eaten’ sculptures. It is one of the amazing art form in France. These sculptures represent the life of office goers and you might throw your bags and get your life back after seeing this bizarre yet amazing art.

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7. Giant Naked Buddhas Jumping over Wall

Buddhas are famous Chinese Sculpture but when you view two massive Buddhas climbing a building in one of the famous place in China. They might get removed soon because of it hurt the sentiments of the locals. No matter what but it will remain one of uncanny sculptures in Asia.

8. Underwater Civilization

Underwater Civilization in Mexico, which is known as ‘The Silent Evolution’ created by Jason de Caires Taylor. It is looking like a lost city and largest and most famous underwater museum. Forbes Corporation voted this place as one of the most unique place in the world, this museum deserves this mentioning.

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9. Land Swimmer

The great swimmer on South Bank of River Thames in London is one sculpture that definitely grabs your attention. It is 46-foot long and 10-foot tall swimmer, swimming through the grass.

10. Bull Fart Sculpture

The famous Bull Fart should be on the list. This disturbing yet classy sculpture has been in Beijing, China. The bull represents the Wall Street and the man who is kicked by the bull is Bernard Madoff, who was sentenced to 150 years in prison.

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