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10 Best Countries To Visit In June in 2019

10 Best Countries To Visit In June in  2019

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Here is a list for you - 10 Best Countries To Visit In June in 2019

1. Borneo



Northern Australian trade winds blow over Borneo during June. This is what brings a dry, hot, and humid weather throughout Sabah. Apart from this region, there are specific regions of Kinabalu NP and Kota Kinabalu which do not have to bear this temperature; however, these regions in Borneo can experience heavy rainfall during June.

 There is a universal possibility throughout Sabah of having wet weather at regular interval of time during this month. The dry season starts from June throughout Borneo, especially Sarawak where the weather becomes hot that is often liked by tourists from colder regions to experience something different than their native country's weather.

2. Myanmar


June is the last month after which earth goes under a weather change. The summer in Myanmar makes it way in this month for the south-west monsoon and brings colder temperatures along with heavy rainfall.

The weather of Myanmar is delightful during this month, and the outdoors remains dry due to high temperatures for a few subdued months. Sharp and brief showers are seen but last for a brief period where the intensity increases with time towards July. The hottest temperatures prevail over Mandalay, the south-central plains and this makes it the driest.

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3. Cambodia


One can experience rain throughout Cambodia in June. However, the temperatures do not lower in spite of heavy rain, but people are relaxed as the humid weather waves off. The weather in this month becomes delightful due to the massive and short showers that comfort people to a great extent. 

The crowds get thinner at the Angkor Temples during this month. The heavy rainfall can be experienced more on the southern coastal regions like Ratanakiri.

4. Laos



Rainfall starts with the arrival of June in Laos. The temperatures, however, remain high between 25 degrees to 27 degrees at Luang Prabang & Vientiane which tend to increase as one move towards the southern part of the country. Rainfall is short-lived throughout the country, and clear skies can be seen with pleasant sunshine. The rain invariably lasts for a longer span of time towards the southern path of Laos. Apart from the rainfall, it is a delightful month for tourists to visit as the sun shines brightly and some visitors can be seen throughout the country.

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5. Vietnam


The weather in June is mixed and is a perfect time for travelers to visit this country. Central Vietnam has high temperatures during this month and remains dry and bright. However, the southern part of Vietnam faces wet seasons and downpours during this time of the year. The rain spreads throughout the central highlands and the northern mountains.

6. Thailand


There are rare chances of the rainfall to start in Thailand in June. The weather is hot and humid during this month in Thailand. The rainfall lasts for a short period of time, and temperatures remain on the higher side. However, the weather is expected to stay pleasant and enjoyable if short downpours happen in a day. The beaches experience higher temperatures which the tourists like and they visit the west parts relatively lesser as it experiences a wet season on this month.

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7. Malaysia


The eastern region of Malaysia; i.e., Terengganu, Tioman Island, Perhentian Islands, and Redang Island has a lot of sunny and bright days during this month. The sea conditions are perfect too for diving and snorkeling which attracts the tourists and travelers in huge numbers. 

There is a humid and hot temperature throughout the western part of the country; i.e., Pangkor Islands, Penang, and Langkawi. The western parts too experiences heavy rainfall that lasts for a brief period but makes the weather pleasant and humidity-free.

8. Sri Lanka


One can experience the summer monsoons throughout Sri Lanka in June, especially in the coastal regions of west and south. Rainfall can also not be seen throughout days where people can enjoy themselves on the beaches. 

The perfect bright and wet weather attracts many tourists during this month where the sea levels are a consideration in some of the areas throughout the country. In the coastal region of north and east, bright weather is experienced which attracts the tourist attention on the beaches. Towards the Cultural Triangle, the rainfall remains scanty, and temperatures can rise to 32 degrees where the dry and hot winds surface the plains.

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9. Philippines


The Philippines experience heavy rainfall in June. The rainfall starts from the northern side and ranges to the southern side of the country eventually. Longer dry spells are experienced towards Cebu. However, common disasters like landslide leading to road closures are a common sight during June in the Philippines. 

The temperature varies between 22 degrees to 32 degrees in different parts of the country along with the possibility of typhoons.

10. Japan


June brings rain to Japan. There can be intense rainfall seen during this month at most of the places in Japan. Tourists mainly aim Hokkaido which is one of the exceptions compared to the other parts of the country. Hokkaido usually experiences clear and bright sunny days that tourists from all over the world love and enjoy. 

The temperature ranges between 17 degrees to 29 degrees at different parts during June in Japan.

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