10 Best Countries To Visit In May In 2019


May is one of those months which would set everyone out of their homes. This is a month of vacation to all schools and colleges. It becomes mandatory to visit a few places and plan for a grand outing during holiday season, isn’t it? Come on! Let us quickly check some of the countries which are a must-visit during the month of May. 

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Here is a list for you - 10 Best Countries To Visit In May In 2019

1. Nepal


The rain is yet to hit the Himalayas so may is a perfect month to visit for the tourists. Trekking for a thousand of miles to places like Annapurna circuit, Everest base camp, Ghorepani poon hill and many more to view the eternal beauty of Nepal is all you would love to do. Plus, no mist in the air will facilitate your view.  May is the birth month of Buddha. So you’ll be all blessed to site the medal beating, street dancing and other celebrations especially in Bhaktapur or Patan. And of course don’t miss eating the Momos, Dall Bhat Tarkari and Chatamari.

2. Greece


May is the ideal month to visit the beautiful Santorini, Athens and Parthenon sans tourist’s hordes. Don’t you think, the weather would be just too perfect for strolling around the old streets of Delos or shopping across Mykonos marketplace? The Corfo beach festival on the mayday and Rhodian flower festival will make the vacation all the more exciting. Greece is a place of café, wine and the heavenly traditional Greek food along with a beautiful background for every click of yours. 

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3. Washington


Spending the whole day outdoor in Seattle will make your holiday more fun, because of the May’s relatively mild climate. You can spend half of the day admiring the collections of Olympic Sculpture Park and when you are hungry, stalls at the Pike Place market comes to the rescue with their delicious food. 
Spring in Seattle is great for exploring waterfront neighbourhoods, green parks and admirable architecture on foot. The high-up rooms at Motif Seattle hotel offers a beautiful view of the city with rooftop bars which will make your holiday more interesting.

4. Morocco


May is considered one of the best times to visit Morocco with an average temperature of 21⁰C. May in Morocco is the month when spring melt water runs off the high atlas, the rivers come alive and flowers and festivals take over the country. The festival of roses at in the desert town of Kelaa-des-mgocema can make it even beautiful. Over 700 tonnes of petals of roses would be harvested during this festival and don’t you think it is quite enthralling to be here. Locals celebrate this by singing and dancing all around and this can be a feast to the pair of your eyes. Tagine, Couscous, Zaalouk and fish Chermoula are some of the famous Morocco dishes you’ve got to try.

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5. Bahamas

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The land on the map of Caribbean is a Paradise for visitors isn’t it? But, particularly Bahamas in May is the right pick. With the best weather without any flies and mosquitoes you can spend some chilling time in Bahamas. Drops in the local prices, water in the beaches is convenient for bath without the fear of hurricane. The beaches are less crowded and the weather is beach perfect 29⁰C with the poolside lounge chairs and yachts to make your tour a perfect one. The special Conch recipes like cracked conch, conch salad and Bahamanian stew fish, pigeon peas and rice are all that heavenly food you get on this trip.

6. Australia


No one can just visit ’The Australia’. The specific region has to be mentioned as there are a lot of regional variations. While the Victoria might be shivering, the top end and far North Queensland are too a clear crisp sunny days. Hence, the Wild West coast is the ideal place to hit up during May. Ningaloo reef and Exmouth are the best of choices to visit during the month of May. Well! It’s the season of whale sharks too. May is the start of dry season when dozens of whale sharks appear and the town puts on an annual whale shark festival. So who wants to dive off the boat and swim alongside the cute big fishes?

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7. Spain


May is the month when Spain comes to life. If the weather’s on your side swimming should be an ideal activity. A little out of the way spots like Castelldefels great tapes, fewer crowds are recommended. The weather hovers around mid 20s. Find a rooftop bar and order a ruby pitcher of the iconic Sangria Alfresco along with choice of Jaman Iberico or Patatas Bravas and let yourself settle amidst one of the ancient countries appreciating the ravishing beauty. Also, make sure not to miss the Ciutat Flamenco festival held in Mercat de les flors.

8. Peru


May is the one of the best months to hike the Peru’s iconic Inca Trail through the Andes. The end of rainy season brings a carpet of green on the valleys, and the big crowds don’t arrive until June. But you’ll need to organise your permit months in advance. Temperature on the mountains can drop to a chilling 10⁰C after sunset. So packing a few warm clothes in your luggage is a must. Check out the Qoyllur Rit’l, a massive indigenous pilgrimage to the peak of Mt. Ausangate, near Cusco. Ceviche, Cuy, Lomo Saltado and Anticuchos are some the recommended traditional Peru foods.

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9. China


Shanghai, China’s poster child metropolis continues its evolution as the go-to city for luxury, style and world class dining. Shanghai’s subtropical monsoon climate means mid- May is the sweet spot for mild, pleasant weather that’s in between rainy and summer seasons. It is a perfect condition for day trip to nearby Suzhou, whose enchanting canals earned it a nickname ‘the Venice of China’. And of course, Shanghai is famous for its street foods like crab shell pie, fried bun, fried chicken, rice balls and many more.

10. Brazil


The country will be cooling from the summer and the mild sunny days are sure to chant. If you feel like walking through the crowded maze-like streets, Museu de Arte is the one place for you which are highly recommended. It has all the impressive modernist architecture and a beautiful classic collection of European paintings. Some places just outside the city offer enjoyable spa retreat and driveway of imperial palms and designed guest houses. What else could make it a better spot for lazing your time away? The deep fried full puff pastry, hot dogs, Acai, Tapioca and many more options are here when you are out in Brazil getting all sun tanned.

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