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Vajreshwari Temple Trip Packages
Vajreshwari Temple Trip Packages

Vajreshwari Temple

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About Vajreshwari Temple

Dedicated to Devi Vajreshwari, this temple is ten thousand years vintage and depicts the Shikhara style of structure. It is likewise referred to as Bajreshwari temple. Located at the give up of Jansali Bazaar in Chamba, this Temple is a super mixture of lovely carvings and sensitive stonework. The pillars of the temple are extensively woven with scrupulous carvings depicting various Hindu idols.

The temple has 18 quick inscriptions on the outer walls and tiny inscriptions on one of the two pillars in front of the temple's doorway. The principal entrance of the gate has a Nagarkhana or drum house this is just like Bassein fortress entrance. There is a large honest organized in honour of Goddess Vajreshwari, hung on Amavasya in the month of March.

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