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Talo Tshechu 2019

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Event Name : Talo Tshechu 2019
Venue : Punakha
Start Date : Thursday, 14-Mar-2019
End Date : Saturday, 16-Mar-2019

Punakha Talo Tshechu is a yearly three day event that occurs at the Talo Monastery. Tshechu are always conducted or finishes on the tenth Day of a Bhutanese Calendar month as the term Tshechu implies the tenth, which is broadly celebrated as Birth Anniversary of Guru Rimpoche, the second Buddha. Tshechu's are organized in all 20 Districts of Bhutan as well as every religious community performing at ious months from each other and its an special event of the year primarily to offer prayers and receive blessings from the gods and local deities. It is also commended like a New Year and Family Reunion and its one time in a year where everybody leaves work and relatives living far away get back home to be a piece of the considerable Punakha Talo Tshechu Celebrations.

There will be both mask dances by the Buddhist Monks and also melodies and dance from the local villagers. Indeed, even the Farmers remove their hand from their farms and wear their best dresses and come witness the Festival, making it one of the greatest occasion in the District. It is a vital occasion for family get-together amid this time they all meet up to talk about vital issues and appreciate delightful dinners or more all they all go to the Punakha Talo Tshechu to prays together for a successful year.

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