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Stuttgart Beer Festival 2018

Event Name : Stuttgart Beer Festival 2018
Venue : Stuttgart
Start Date : Friday, 28-Sep-2018
End Date : Sunday, 14-Oct-2018

Stuttgart Beer Festival 2018

Stuttgart Beer Festival has its age-old origins since 1818 and started as a major relief for a famine that captured the whole country. It is celebrated with great dignity and jollity where everybody seems forgetful about what is happening around. They just want to enjoy, have fun, fairs and so many elaborated activities take place which are incomplete without the great mellow yellow liquid - beer. Everyone is invited to this Stuttgart Beer Festival. Roller-coaster rides, stretch floats, music and dance, etc. all are the main ingredients which adds it to your good books. About 5 million of the inhabitants come to the streets to participate in this long celebration and to paint it down completely red. No one will believe that it actually began as an agricultural fair and now has flourished no less than a mega event underlining a French Village, lots of food and the ubiquitous beer tents. Do not surprise if you see all renowned German wines being showcased here for ten days. You may also stumble upon wide open shopping areas alluring literally countless of visitors who emerge in such as way that eat beer, drink beer and sleep with beer only and hence enhance the festive mood for rest of the world.

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