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Solung Festival 2018

Photo by: YouTube

Event Name : Solung Festival 2018
Venue : Arunachal pradesh
Start Date : Saturday, 01-Sep-2018
End Date : Friday, 07-Sep-2018

One of the well known farming celebrations, Solung is commended by the Adi Tribes. The celebration is praised in the main seven day stretch of September, after the sowing of seeds, to look for flourishing and a decent collect. The fundamental festival of the celebrations are in three primary parts - Sopi - Yekpi the initial segment and the conciliatory day, Binnayat the second part, the custom offering to goddess of harvests, Kine Nane and Ekop likewise called Taktor; the custom made for assurance against hurts by malicious spirits

The initial segment known as Sopi-Yekpi or Ardo-Bado is the principle inaugural day amid which mithuns and pigs are yielded and offered to Dadi Bote, the lord of local creatures. The second piece of the celebration is Binyat amid which the goddess of yields and nourishment, Kine Nane, is worshiped. Amid the last period of the celebration, Ekop or Taktor, Miri, the artist pioneer, portrays the narrative of Nibo or Abotani who was the ancestor of the Tanis.

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