Places You Need to Visit with Your Best Friend

Places You Need to Visit with Your Best Friend

When you are with someone who is not a member of your family yet you do not bother chattering non-stop, or saying "your turn" when it comes to the time of bill payment in one of the most expensive restaurants of the city, it means you are with your best pal. It is your best friend only with whom you plan to explore the scariest places or the most perilous zone of the earth because you consider each other as complementary. To roam with this special buddy of your life, India presents couple of exotic destinations which boast your thrill seeking persona.

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Here is a list for you - Places You Need to Visit with Your Best Friend

1. Sandakphu

Trekking on this quaint and scenic natural milieu is something which has no second in West Bengal. Located amidst 5 highest peaks of the world this place exudes surreal natural beauty with spellbinding views. The gem of Darjeeling, this trekking route introduces you with 600 varieties of orchid flowers which is one of its kinds in the country.

2. Pangong Lake

Wide ground of Azure water lined with chocolate mountains and white snow Pangong Lake in Ladakh introduces you to an unsurpassed view. Located at a height of 4350 m, this lake vicinity is connected through a road which connects Leh. The most exciting part of this trip is the route towards the lake that let one see beautiful monasteries, vast expanse of endless meadows and Changla Pass.

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3. Living Root Bridge Meghalaya

Can you imagine a wide and strong bridge appeared automatically out of the roots a tree? It might sound fictional, but Meghalaya spellbinds you with such an exclusive natural bridge which is more than hundred feet long and can carry the weight of fifty people at a time.

4. Frozen river Trek

If your zealous soul is looking for some groundbreaking activity that requires enough of mental stability, physical strength as well as guts to accept challenge, join this ever-adventurous trek that moves over an active river that freezes during winter season. The trek passes through a frozen river bed which connects Zanskar Valley of Ladakh to the rest of the world.

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5. Manali Leh Road Trip

Biking across the awe-striking ground of Manali - Leh Highway presents an unsurpassed experience if you are travelling with one of your best Pals. Nothing very specific yet full of fun this trip let you witness the views of lofty mountains, villages and not-so-fast lifestyle of the local people who lead a simple yet peaceful life.

6. Rann of Kutch

One of the remote places in India bestowed with stunning natural diorama, Rann of Kutch is the pride of Gujarat. One of the most expanded salt deserts in the world this sea beach is lined with several wildlife sanctuaries and protected areas. The most attractive part of this white desert is capturing its panoramic view from Kala Dungar (Black Hill) which is located at a height of 458 m above the sea level.

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7. Lansdowne

If you guys are fond of serenity and peaceful environment, you should not miss to spend a day or two in Lansdowne. An ideal weekend getaway from the nearby cities, this mountainous region let one unwind him amidst splash greenery and unbound peace. This small town is located in the Army Cantonment area and attracts globetrotters for its polythene free campaign.

8. Zero Valley

If Arunachal Pradesh appears to be an ever exciting travel destination of the country, Zero valley is considered to be the icing on the cake. Lofty mountain ranges, sparse human settlements and most significantly the serenity imbibed in its environment compel tourists to bow down their head in front of its natural solidarity.

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9. Casinos in Goa

Well! Enough of sober and gentle activities add zeal and color to your idea of travelling getting involved in money making in the floating casinos of Goa. Most of the casinos are cosmopolitan and offer good snacks and beverages. Fret not! Betting is legal in Goa, so both of you are safe. Enjoy the games like roulette, baccarat or blackjack and make your dream of betting in Casinos cherish-able.

10. Bhangarh

You must have heard of the ghosts living in "Purani Haveli" (old palace) and thought these stories are fictitious. But, some of you might be curious enough and wish to explore those haunted places. Well! You should walk around these places with your best buddy to find out the actual truth. Bhangarh, a village in the Alwar district of Rajasthan is one such destination where you might witness the scary unidentified souls of ghosts living in the deserted palaces.

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12. Roopkund Trek

Popularly known as the trek of Skeleton Lake, Roopkund breaks all records of your enthusiastic activities you have ever experienced in your life. A must join trek on the lap of Himalaya let you walk through the grounds painted with gushing water streams, wide expands of meadows, undisturbed forests and scenic camping places. Finally the trek concludes at a lake which is full of skeletons.

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13. Chopta - Chandrashila Trek

Trekking on the magnificent grounds of Himalaya is something that makes your trip memorable lifelong and Chopta - Chandrashila Trek makes this trip utterly exploratory. Located at a height of 4000 m above the mean sea level this trekking destination let you see incredible views of the striking Himalayan range including Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Chaukhamba.

14. Auli

You wish to play with ample snow since your childhood and skiing is one ideal option to live this dream in real. Skating over a thousand feet high ground covered with thick layers of snow can be a lifetime experience if you join skiing in this picturesque ground of Uttarakhand. During winter the slopes of the mountains turn white all over and look like a canvas painted by an artist.

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15. Baina Beach

India's only fly boarding destination, Baina Beach is located in Goa and calls those thrill mongers who do not bother embracing challenge. The excitement, enthusiasm and desire to defeat the fear work when you get involved in this adventure sports. Jetting out of the water surface like a sparkling fountain make you feel enthralled for the time being.

16. Tsomgo Lake

The ethereal views of high altitude lakes is something what no one can afford to miss and if both of you and your best buddy are worshipers of Nature Goddess, do not miss to visit this picture perfect destination. Located at an elevation of more than 12000 ft, this lake is watered by the melting ice of the nearby glaciers and looks stunningly beautiful for the chocolate mountains surrounding the lake. Apart from the lake, the trek connecting this part with the city of Gangtok is picturesque and requires enough physical strength to reach.

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17. Andaman Island

Exploring the world beyond the water surface is something you can't afford to escape and scuba diving in Andaman is the best way to fulfill this dream. Diving beneath the azure water to see the play of colors in coral reef or the ornamental fishes running close to you would let you feel mesmerized for day long in your upcoming days. Now that you have got the list, choose your pick instantly and get two tickets booked to fly to the most exciting destination with your best buddy to have some memorable experience.

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