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Event Name : Sirimanothsavam
Venue : Vizianagram
Start Date : Tuesday, 23-Oct-2018
End Date : Tuesday, 23-Oct-2018

Sirimanothsavam is a celebration sorted out to satisfy Goddess Pyddithallamma of Vizianagram Town. Siri implies lean and little and manu implies stump or stick. The cleric of the sanctuary, while taking parade between the fortress and sanctuary three times at night, swings from the tip of the long, lean wooden stick estimating 60 feet, raised high into the sky. The minister controlled by the goddess would himself tell a couple of days prior, where this manu is accessible; from that point just, this must be obtained. Dangling from the upper end of the stick, which is raised high into the sky, is an exceptionally dangerous exercise, yet the beauty of the Goddess, it is trusted, spares the cleric from falling.

It is sorted out in the period of September or October Dasara of consistently. It is a terrific occasion went to by a few lakhs of individuals from the neighboring towns. The Rajas of Vizianagaram would administer this occasion. The APSRTC keeps running around 250 transports from ious parts of the state to encourage transport of enthusiasts to Vizianagram to go to this celebration.

It was amid 1757, when the lord Puspati Peda Vijaya Rama Raju of Vizianagaram was occupied in the Battle of Bobbili, second Anand has taken the charge of crown and kicked the bucket in the year 1760. His significant other additionally kicked the bucket alongside him in Sati rehearse. At that point the spouse of Peda Vijaya Rama Raju, Rani Chandrayamma has embraced Vijaya Rama Raju who has a place with Vizianagaram tradition according to history.

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