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Rumtek chaam 2019

Photo by: Sikkim

Event Name : Rumtek chaam 2019
Venue : Sikkim
Start Date : Wednesday, 16-Jan-2019
End Date : Wednesday, 16-Jan-2019

On this day, Sikkimese Buddhists pay praise to Guru Rimpoche or Guru Padmasambhava, who initially presented Buddhism in Sikkim and all through Himalayas in the eighth century. Move dramatization instituting the eight signs of Guru Padmasambhava is held in Rumtek monastery.The critical 'chaam' move celebration of Rumtek close Gangtok are those performed two days before the Tibetan New Year and that performed on the tenth day of the fifth month of the Tibetan date-book. This Tse Chu Chaam essentially displays the eight appearances of Padmasambhava.

Padmasambhava the lotus-conceived was the Indian sage who was in charge of solidifying Buddhism in Tibet. He is additionally worshipped by the Sikkimese as Guru Rimpoche and amid his movements he is assume to have gone to Sikkim. The moves in Rumtek praise the different scenes of his life and his fight against the powers of shrewdness. The winter 'chaams' performed only before the Losar exhibit the fight amongst great and abhorrent and the ritualized obliteration of shrewdness. Rumtek cloister is 23km/40 minutes drive from Gangtok and is the seat of karma Kagyu request of Tibetan Buddhism. This religious community was worked by the sixteenth resurrect Gyalwa Karmapa, after he got away from Tibet and settled in Sikkim.

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