Delectable Sikkimese Dishes For Food Lovers

Delectable Sikkimese Dishes For Food Lovers


Sikkim as it is one of the most beautiful states in India and definitely a renowned summer vacation destination. The state can be described as a destination where nature is untouched by technology. This place is a pure blend of colorful culture, rich heritage and lip-smacking food. The food of Sikkim is something that will give the best feeling to your taste buds. Spending your time here in solace offer a great experience and it is made even better with the rich combination of Nepalese, Tibetan and native Sikkimese food. This blend of the three cultures is very soothing on the taste buds and leaves you craving for more of it with every single bite. Given below are the famous dishes of this land. 

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Here is a list for you - Delectable Sikkimese Dishes For Food Lovers

1. Momo Dumplings


You cannot think about Sikkim without Momos as this place is known for it. Though you must have tasted it at a number of places but this destination is the best for it. It is basically a small package of steamed bun with some fillings. From Tofu Paneer, mutton, chicken to cheese everything can be included in the filling. The cheese filled momos are something no foodie can miss it here. To get the best momos in Sikkim, one should try The Roll House and The Taste of Tibet in Gangtok which is worth trying.

2. Thukpa


Thukpa is a kind of noodle soup of Tibetan origin which is loved by the people. It is a healthy plus mouth watering at the same time. You can have it with vegetables or with chicken too. One can spot almost all kind of locally grown vegetable in this soup, but the ones which are commonly present are carrots, bell peppers, spinach, cauliflower and celery. One serving will make you feel full. To taste the authentic flavors try it from a local vendor.

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3. Gundruk


Gundruk is the staple foods of Nepal and loved by people over here. It is a leafy dish that is completely vegan and is a healthy option. It is made by using some leafy vegetables from cabbage to radish leaves. Even mustard leaves are used for making it. It is rich in roughage and helps in the proper metabolism of the body. Traditionally this dish is made in an earthen pot, but people have started using different ways of creating it. This is one food that has remained the same even after ages and only little variations are there.

4. Sha Phaley


This wonderful dish of Tibetan origin is amazing to taste. For the people who love bread, meat and deep fried stuff then Sha Phaley will be their favorite. Bread stuffed with ground beef and cabbage made into semi-circles and then deeply fried is what this dish is all about. If you are a vegan even then, you can enjoy this dish by filling it with tofu. The Roll House in Gangtok is the best place to go for this dish and definitely, you will cherish it.


Thus these are the Sikkimese dishes which you will certainly love and it is a must try for all the food lovers.

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