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Rottela Panduga 2018

Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

Event Name : Rottela Panduga 2018
Venue : Andra Pradesh
Start Date : Saturday, 22-Sep-2018
End Date : Saturday, 22-Sep-2018

It is one of the venerated places of worship in Nellore district that pulls in guests from the nation over and abroad including some celebraties who visit the urs celebration. A yearly three day urs Rotiyaan ki Eid/Rottela Panduga is seen in the long stretch of Muharram. It is one of the best culture.

Guests trade their rotiflat bread with the individuals who had comparable wish as theirs and was completed fulfilled, trailed by fatihah in dargah. Urs Festival has advanced every once in a while and can be ascribed to Sufism. The Bara Shaheed Dargah situated on the banks of Nellore Cheruvu was decked up for 'Rottela Panduga' or 'Roti Festival' in Nellore.

It began as a celebration to recall the 12 warriors who paid with their lives in battling the British troops in the eighteenth Century, has now expected a mainstream tone with individuals cutting crosswise over religious lines thronging the dargah with a long list of things to get. 

As a thanksgiving, a fulfilled lover gives a roti to another aficionado, who makes his own desire at the dargah, and the chain proceeds in geometric extent with an ever increasing number of explorers going to the dargah amid the celebration.

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