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Phu Giay Festival 2019

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Event Name : Phu Giay Festival 2019
Venue : Kim Thai
Start Date : Friday, 05-Apr-2019
End Date : Sunday, 14-Apr-2019

In the old village of KeGiay is now Phu Giay. Its festival is celebrated in Kim Thai village Vu Ban district, formerly Nam Dinh, on the first ten days of the 3rd lunar month in commemoration of Mother Saint Lieu Hanh Vietnamese popular cult. The key part of the festival is the procession organized in her honor on the 5th day of the 3rd lunar month. 

Ceremonies begin on the 30th day of the 2nd lunar month. Situation is made up of the execution of ensemble movement. There are also numerous forms of other popular entertainment. The festival takes place at the same time as a fair where local products are sold a culinary specialty is scalded beef soaked in soya sauce. Shamanistic practices of the popular Taoist cult attract many superstitious persons.

Dedicated to the goddess Lieu Hanh of PhuGiay Pagoda, this festival is a vivid celebration that is believed to bring good fortune upon its people. Pilgrims wear traditional Vietnamese clothing and carry embellished bamboo relics to the temple of the goddess. As a part of rituals, ious games like capture-the-flag, human chess, lion dancing, and wrestling are played to celebrate the day. Many colourful presentations of folk dance, classical songs, satirical musical theatre and chamber music are also a part of the festivities.

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