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Sri Lanka - Northern Explorer Tour

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13 days tour
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Day wise Itinerary
Day 1 : Airport / Kalpitiya

You will be met by a designated Driver from Lakpura Travels. After the formalities at the airport you will be escorted to your air conditioned vehicle and proceed to Kalpitiya and check in to the hotel

Day 2 : Kalpitiya / Wilpattu / Anuradhapura

After having early breakfast from the hotel proceed to Kalpitiya harbor to do a whale watching tour. The average time duration for a trip would be approximately 4 hours and the trip would usually start off at 6.30 in the morning.

After completing the whale watching tour return to the hotel and check-out from the hotel and proceed to Willpattu

Wilpattu National Park, the largest wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka span an area of no less than 131,693 hectares which is situated in the dry zone, and is unlike any other wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka. A unique complex of over 50 wetlands called “Villu” is the most prominent topographical feature of the national park. Wilpattu National Park is located 25km north of Puttalam or 30km west of Anurdhapura. The park that lies on the northwest coast spans the border between North Central Province and North Western Province of Sri Lanka.

On completion proceed to Anuradhapura and check in to the hotel

Day 3 : Anuradhapura / Jaffna

After having the breakfast from the Hotel proceed to Anuradhapura

Although people may have lived in this area since as early as the 10th century BC, Anuradhapura became a great city after the arrival of a cutting from the Bodhi Tree ('tree of enlightenment'), the Buddha's fig tree, in the 3rd century BC. The sacred branch was brought to Sri Lanka by Sanghamitta, the founder of an order of Buddhist nuns. Anuradhapura went on to become a Ceylonese political and religious capital (4th century BC) that flourished for 1,300 years. In its prime, Anuradhapura ranked alongside Nineveh and Babylon in its colossal proportions—its four walls, each 16 miles (26 km) long, enclosing an area of 256 square miles (663 km²)—in the number of its inhabitants, and the splendor of its shrines and public buildings. The city also had some of the most complex irrigation systems of the ancient world. Most of the great reservoir tanks still survive today, and some may be the oldest surviving reservoirs in the world.
The ruins of Anuradhapura are one of South Asia’s most evocative sights. The sprawling complex contains a rich collection of archaeological and architectural wonders: enormous dagobas, soaring brick towers, ancient pools and crumbling temples, built during Anuradhapura’s thousand years of rule over Sri Lanka. Today several of the sites remain in use as holy places and temples; frequent ceremonies give Anuradhapura a vibrancy that’s a sharp contrast to the ambience at Polonnaruwa. Current-day Anuradhapura is a rather pleasant albeit sprawling city. Mature trees shade the main guesthouse areas, and the main street is orderly compared to the ugly concrete agglomerations elsewhere.

On completion proceed to Jaffna and check in to the hotel

Day 4 : Jaffna

Jaffna - the hub of Hindu culture in Sri Lanka, is an exciting place to visit. Remote island shrines, ancient archeological sites, healing water springs and unspoiled beaches are just a few of the must visit attractions of the area.
With an identity that has been shaped by a wide cross section of influences, the Jaffna town is a unique mix of colourful temples, huge cathedrals and narrow roadways lined with Dutch and British colonial residences. Jaffna’s premier place of Hindu worship, the famous Nallur Kandasamy Kovil, attracts hundreds of pilgrims and devotees. A walk through the bustling Jaffna market which is full of locally produced goods, is an insight into the Jaffna way of life. On the southern edge of the peninsula is the second largest fort in the island, the Jaffna Fort which extends over an area of 4 acres. In the North towards Kankesanturai are the Keeramalai hot springs and the ruins of the Kanthrodai Buddhist temple. A day trip to the islands will allow you to explore the island of Delft, which has the ruins of a Portuguese Fort, and the Nainativu Island which is home to the ancient Nagadeepa Buddhist temple.

In the morning after breakfast leave for Nagadeepa Island,

Nagadeepa Island - is one of the three places in Sri Lanka where Lord Buddha has visited. So Nagadeepa viharaya is an important destination for Buddhist pilgrims. There is also a popular Hindu kovil there, so although it is tricky to get there you can see huge crowds in the island. There are boat services available or if it is possible to ride in one of the navy speed boats which is an enjoyable way to visit the island. The Nagadeepa Island is a bit far from Jaffna and it will take around 2-3 hours to get there, depending on the availability of the boats etc.
Thereafter leave to Casuarina beach* - One of the best beaches in the Jaffna peninsula, the shallow waters and the very gentle waves making it an ideal for safe sea bathing. You can go a long way toward the sea in the clear blue water and a great place to visit to have a break during your travels.
Keerimalai* - Keerimalai is renowned for its natural water spring where illnesses and sicknesses are cured miraculously after bathing in it. Only a stone wall separate the pool from the sea but the water is fresh water coming from a spring. There is a Hindu kovil as well, very popular among Hindu's.

Later that evening visit Nallur Kovil

Nallur Kovil - a sacred destination of Hindu's, The Nallur kovil is about 1KM from the Jaffna town. There are some beautiful paintings and statues inside the kovil and outside the temple on top of the entrance you can see some beautifully carved statues. The carvings outside the kovil are not as colorful as the ones you normally see in Hindu kovils, which is a bit disappointing. Don't forget to try out ice creams from the famous ice cream shop nearby when you visit there.
Thereafter visit the Jaffna Library - The Jaffna library was one of the best in Asia before it was burnt down. Now most of it is restored and part of it is open for public viewing. It is one of the monumental buildings in Jaffna and very close to the town.

Day 5 : Jaffna / Kilinochchi / Elephant Pass / Trinomalee

After having the breakfast from the Hotel proceed to Trincomalee. En-Route to Trincomalee visit Kilinochchi and Elephant passs.

Kilinochchiis the main town of Kilinochchi District, Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Kilinochchi is situated at the A9 road some 100 km (62 mi) south-east of Jaffna. It was the administrative center of the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) until 2 January 2009, when troops of the Sri Lankan Army recaptured the city.

Then proceed to Elephant Pass which is located in the gateway of Jaffna Peninsula. There are about 340km north from capital to here. It has an important military base and formerly was the island's largest salt field. It has thus regularly been the site of battles during the civil war. The war memories, memorials, has become more historic in the recent times, over the 30 year war in Sri Lanka.

On completion proceed to Trincomalee and check in to the hotel

Day 6 : Trincomalee

After Breakfast visit Nilaveli beach and Pigeon Island.

Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli Beach is one of the most tourist attraction beach in Sri Lanka, located about 16 km North-West of Trincomalee. Nilaveli is ideal place for water sports like scuba diving.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island National Park is one of the two marine national parks of Sri Lanka. The national park is situated 1 km off the coast of Nilaveli. The national park contains some of the best remaining coral reefs of Sri Lanka. Pigeon Island consists of two islands; large pigeon island and small pigeon island.

Later on that day visit Konesvaram temple

Konesvaram temple is situated in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. It is built atop Swami Rock, a rocky cape overlooking Trincomalee. The primary deity is the Hindu God Lord Shiva in the form of Konesar. The legend says that Emperor Rawana meditated on this rock.

On completion proceed back to the hotel and relax.

Hotel : Skandig Hotel, Trincomalee

Day 7 : Trincomalee / Polonnaruwa / Minneriya / Habarana

After having breakfast visit the ancient kingdom Polonnaruwa.

Polonnaruwa, Kings ruled the central plains of Sri Lanka from Polonnaruwa 800 years ago, when it was a thriving commercial and religious centre. From here, free-marketeers haggled for rare goods and the pious prayed at any one of its numerous temples. The glories of that age can be found in archaeological treasures which give a pretty good idea of how the city looked in its heyday. You'll find the archaeological park a delight to explore, with hundreds of ancient structures – tombs and temples, statues and stupas – in a compact core. The Quadrangle alone is worth the trip….

Thereafter proceed on to the hotel and check in.
Later on that evening go on a lovely jeep safari in Minneriya National Park.

Minneriya National Park - This national park is one of the best places in the country to see wild elephants, which are often present in huge numbers, and wading birds. Dominated by the ancient Minneriya Tank, the park has plenty of scrub, forest and wetlands in its 88.9 sq km to also provide shelter for toque macaques, sambar deer, buffalo, crocodiles and leopards (the latter are very rarely seen however). The dry season, from May to September, is reckoned to be the best time to visit (as by then water in the tank has dried up, exposing grasses and shoots to grazing animals). Elephants, which can number 200 or more, come to feed and bathe during what is known as ‘the Gathering’; and flocks of birds, such as little cormorants, painted storks, herons and large pelicans all fish in the shallow waters.

Day 8 : Habarana / Sigiriya / Dambulla

After having the breakfast from the Hotel proceed to Sigiriya.

Sigiriya - Rising from the central plains, the iconic rocky outcrop of Sigiriya is perhaps Sri Lanka's single most dramatic sight. Near-vertical walls soar to a flat-topped summit that contains the ruins of an ancient civilization, thought to be once the epicenter of the short-lived kingdom of Kassapa, and there are spellbinding vistas across mist-wrapped forests in the early morning. Sigiriya refuses to reveal its secrets easily, and you'll have to climb a series of vertiginous staircases attached to sheer walls to reach the top. On the way you'll pass a series of quite remarkable frescoes and a pair of colossal lion's paws carved into the bedrock. The surrounding landscape – lily-pad-covered moats, water gardens and quiet shrines – and the excellent site museum, only add to Sigiriya's rock-star appeal.

Thereafter proceed to visit Dambulla Cave Temple.

Dambulla Cave Temple is a vast isolated rock mass and it was here that king Valagambahu took refuge in the 01st century B.C. He later turned the caves into a rock temple. Dambulla is a world heritage site and is the most impressive of Sri Lanka’s cave temples. The complex of five caves with over 2000 sq. meters of painted walls and ceiling found here are over 2000 years old and is the largest area of painting found in the world. The caves contain over 150 images of the Buddha of which the largest is the colossal figure of the Buddha carved out of rock and spanning 14 meters. After visiting the Dambulla cave Temple, return back to the Hotel for Lunch.

Day 9 : Dambulla / Matale / Kandy

After breakfast proceed to Kandy, En-Route to Kandy Visit a Spice Garden Matale.

Euphoria Spice and Herbal is located 12 km away from Matale (The spice capital of Sri Lanka). Enriched with herbs, spice groves and plants with fragrant greenery shading from the tropical trees that enlightens the unique aroma of each spice and herb. We give the opportunity for our visitors to explore and gain knowledge on Sri Lankan spices, herbs and the benefits of Ayurveda. The tropical climate in which our plants and herbs are grown helps them preserve its ancient originality. The educational tour around the garden, which we call “The Spice Tour”, let the visitors feel the sensation of the Sri Lankan spices and herbs which is demonstrated in different foreign languages to suit our customer need.

Thereafter Proceed to Kandy and check in to the hotel and relax.

Day 10 : Kandy

Kandy, a world Heritage Site, is home to numerous Buddhist temples including the Temple of the Tooth Relic. Set in a valley surrounded by rings of mountains, the city of Kandy is the gateway to the Salubrious hill country of Sri Lanka.

After breakfast Proceed to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage,

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is the home for young Elephants who have been displaced or lost from their natural habitat, located at Pinnawala village in Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka. Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is the best place for an up close and personal experience with the world’s largest land mammals! Today with 70 elephants herein, Pinnawela has become the home to the largest captive group of elephants in the world.

Feeding time at 9:15 am.

Later on that day go on a city and shopping tour and then visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic,

Temple of the Tooth Relic is a Buddhist temple in the City of Kandy. It is considered the foremost sacred place of worship in the Buddhist World. According to legend, the tooth was taken from the Buddha as he lay on his funeral pyre. It immediately became an object of great reverence and was enshrined in a series of nested jeweled reliquaries. On the outside, the temple buildings are not magnificent or elaborately decorated. While with red roofs, they cluster around Kandy Lake. In striking contrast to the plain exterior, the interiors of the temple buildings are richly carved and decorated with inlaid woods, ivory and lacquer. The relic of the tooth is kept in a two story inner shrine fronted by two large elephant tusks.

After visiting the Temple of Tooth Relic proceed to enjoy the Cultural Dance Show.

Cultural Dance Show - Be escorted to a performance of the traditional Kandyan dance, accompanied by tumultuous drumming. Dances include the cobra dance, mask dance, the Ginisila, showing power over fire. The entire frenetic and colourful spectacle climaxes with the amazing fire-walking act.
On completion, return to the hotel.

Hotel : Rivendell Hotel, Kandy, Kandy

Day 11 : Kandy / Peradeniya / Nuwara Eliya

After breakfast proceed to Nuwara Eliya,

Nuwara Eliya is set in the heart of tea-country is a beautiful town where the British succeeded in creating a replica of the English countryside, with homes in styles from Georgian to Queen Anne. Well-kept lawns with hedges, an Anglican church, a famous golf course and beautiful parks give the place an air of nostalgia. Situated 6,200 feet above sea level, the air is cool and fresh – a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

En-Route Nuwara Eliya visit Ramboda Ella and a Tea Factory.

Ramboda Ella is the 11th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and located by the Pussellawa. Ramboda falls consists of three sections. You will get a good view of the middle section from the A5 highway, just above the bridge. This is very small in size with compared to other parts. You can get a far view of the top part from the main road, but not the complete view of the fall. You need to climb up to see the top part of the Ramboda falls and there is a pathway just before the bridge. You may find the climbing bit difficult, but you will be compensated with the great view of the top fall and the surrounding.
After Ramboda Ella, proceed to a tea factory.

Visit a Tea Factory and a plantation where you would see how the world’s famous “Ceylon Tea” is manufactured. In 1824 a tea plant was brought to Ceylon by the British from China and was planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya for non-commercial purposes. James Taylor was a British citizen who introduced commercial tea plantation in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). He arrived to Sri Lanka in 1852 and settled down in Loolecondera estate in Kandy. Today even people who have never heard of Sri Lanka are familiar with Ceylon tea, which is known for its quality.
Thereafter check in to the hotel & relax.

Day 12 : Nuwara Eliya / Colombo

After an early breakfast proceed to Horton Plains

Horton Plains is a beautiful, silent, strange world with some excellent hikes in the shadows of Sri Lanka’s second- and third-highest mountains, Kirigalpotta (2395m) and Totapola (2359m). The ‘plains’ themselves form an undulating plateau over 2000m high, covered by wild grasslands andinterspersed with patches of thick forest, rocky outcrops, filigree waterfalls and misty lakes. The surprising diversity of the landscape is matched by the wide variety of wildlife. The plateau comes to a sudden end at World’s End, a stunning escarpment that plunges 880m. Unless you get there early the view from World’s End is often obscured by mist, particularly during the rainy season from April to September. The early morning (between 6am and 10am) is the best time to visit, before the clouds roll in. That’s when you’ll spy toy-town tea plantation villages in the valley below, and an unencumbered view south towards the coast. In the evening and early morning you’ll need long trousers and a sweater, but the plains warm up quickly, so take a hat for sun protection.

On completion return to hotel and check out from the hotel, then proceed to Colombo

Day 13 : Colombo/ Airport

After a breakfast and go on a City & Shopping Tour in Colombo
During your journey through the City of Colombo, you will visit the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) which is the very first purpose built convention center in Asia that combines the best of professional conference facilities available. The Independence Square, is also a must visit, which today has become a major tourist attraction due to its historical significance and extraordinary work of architecture. Your visit will see the Old Parliament of Sri Lanka and the gorgeous Galle Face Green facing the beautiful Indian Ocean. Also you could have the opportunity to shop at the famous department stores and malls in Colombo where you would find brands at bargain prices.


Leave the hotel at the standard check-out time and proceed to the airport for the departure

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Kalpitiya Ruwala Resort5 ★
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JaffnaGreen Grass Jaffna 5 ★
TrinomaleeWelcombe trincomalee5 ★
MinneriyaJoes Habarana5 ★
DambullaKassapa Lion Rock5 ★
KandyClock Inn Kandy5 ★
Nuwara EliyaHeaven Seven Nuwara Eliya5 ★
ColomboIvy Lane Colombo5 ★
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Sri Lanka - Northern Explorer Tour
Sri Lanka - Northern Explorer Tour
Sri Lanka - Northern Explorer Tour
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