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Destination: Romania
Romania is the largest of Balkan countries and the third largest country in Europe. It has not been very long since Romania has started stressing on improving tourism in the country and it is still realizing its potential as a tourist paradise. However, unlike other European countries, there is not much evidence of its history and you will not see many heritage buildings sharing space with the modern ones.Covering an area of 237,500 sq. km and lying to the northwest, Romania has Hungary as its neighbor, Yugoslavia is to the southwest, Bulgaria to the south, Ukraine borders to north whereas Moldova is situated on the east. Romania has been under the rule of many empires and has a turbulent history. With natural treasures like the Carpathian mountains, Transylvanian Alps, the Danube Delta and the sandy beaches by the Black sea coast, it is hard to ignore the charm of Romania. And all these destinations provide excellent opportunities to indulge in different adventure and leisure activities. Though not many, but the few castles and palaces that are scattered in the country, are well preserved and worth a visit. Bucharest is the capital and the largest city of Romania. Sometimes referred to as Paris of Balkans', Bucharest is totally different from other European cities. History and heritage are not its forte but the newness of it all. The city is developing at a rapid rate, leaving behind everything that belongs to the past. The towns of Transylvania like the Saxon town, city of Sibiu are the best mirrors to the unique culture of Romania. The city of Sibiu was also named the European Capital of Culture in 2007. Located in South Eastern Central Europe, Romania experiences extreme cold conditions during winters but its absolutely pleasant during summers which compensates for the winters. The best time for tourism is between June to November. People who are more interested in snow capped mountains and winter sports, choose time somewhere around Dece

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