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13 Days 12 Nights Delhi to Austria Romance Vacation Package 1

13 Days 12 Nights Delhi to Austria Romance Vacation Package

Cox & Kings Holiday Club   (38 ratings)
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13 Days
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Day wise Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrive Rome

Departure Dates as mentioned below

May 2019 - 10, 29
June 2019 - 02, 09, 12, 14, 23, 30
July 2019 - 07, 10, 17, 24, 31
August 2019 - 14
September 2019 - 25, 29
There couldn't be a more blissful and grander start to our 'Cox and Kings - Best Of Schengen' tour than the previous Caput Mundi world capital, Rome, a city enriched with ancient glamour and mysterious legends.

After clearing the immigration and customs procedures and receiving a warm welcome by our Cox & Kings representative, comfortably transfer to the hotel Check-In after 1600 hours.

Here, relax for a bit, freshen up and then head out to feast on a wonderful Indian dinner. Though the beautiful city does brighten-up our mood and spirit, we skip sightseeing today to get over our exhausting flight.

Overnight in Rome.

Dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 2 : Rome - Arezzo

After a good night's , gear up for a journey through art and religious history. First stop: The Vatican City.

Call it home of the Pope or the Roman Catholic headquarters, the fact remains that you don't really have to be a follower of either to appreciate the enormous beauty that scapes this smallest nation. Living proof to the nation's rich cultural heritage is the well-known Vatican Museum, world's largest museum complex, that houses priceless treasures in the form of paintings, sculptures, tapestries and a iety of other depictions of Renaissance art. Next up is the Sistine Chapel famous for the Michelangelo ceiling. One look and you'll know that this artistic masterpiece is worth all the buzz. The last gem to be discovered at the Vatican City also happens to be one of the world's largest churches, St. Peter's Basilica. Apart from it being an impressive example of Renaissance architecture, what makes the Basilica so much more appealing is the presence of St. Peter's tomb that rests directly below the high altar. And on we go. . .

From here, begins our guided tour of the astounding ancient beauty that is the city of Rome. Be it the drive past the mighty triumphal Arch of Constantine or past the Circus Maxima the biggest stadium in ancient Rome or the drive through Piazza Venezia a busy hub of the city one can't help but marvel over the sheer grandiose of Roman architecture. Further reminders of the same come our way as we pass by the Colosseum and the ruins of the Roman Forum. Giving this city tour a worthy finale is a visit to the Trevi Fountain that simply put is a dreamy and magical sight. What adds to its ethereal vibe are the great examples of Baroque art- the sea-god Neptune, the winged horses and the allegorical figures.

A long drive, a short comfort stop and a wholesome dinner later, we check-in to our hotel in Arezzo and call it a day.
Overnight in Arezzo.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch at Indian restaurant and dinner at Indian restaurant / at hotel.

Day 3 : Arezzo - Padova

It's time to embark on another overwhelming journey through historic art and architecture. Post breakfast, head to the Italian beauty we know as Florence, a shrine to the wonders of the Renaissance, with more artistic treasures per square meter than any other city in the world. On a guided walking tour of Florence, move on to experience this artistic marvel up-close as we make a photo stop at the world's fourth-largest Cathedral and Florence's tallest building, the Duomo. The magnanimity of its scale juxtaposed with the beauty of its design gives this monument its overwhelming character. Standing beside this is the Florence Baptistery with its iconic 'Gate to Paradise'- a pair of gilded bronze doors that have now become an icon of Renaissance art- and also the open-air gallery in the Signoria Square.

End this journey to the past by taking a stroll down the city's oldest standing bridge, Ponte Vecchio.

Then, drive through a picturesque stretch of olive groves and vineyards to Pisa's wondrous Square of Miracles with its exemplary Pisan-Romanesque architectural structures- the Baptistery, the Cathedral and the popular Leaning Bell Tower, the characteristic tilt of which is what marks this Square as unique.

Bringing the day to an end, drive across the Apennine Mountains cutting through the fertile Adriatic Plains and, along the Brenta River past Bologna soaking in the beauty of quaint villages, medieval castles and fruit orchards to Padova where we check-in to our hotel but not before treating ourselves to a stomach-full of dinner.

Overnight in Padova.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 4 : Padova - Innsbruck

If you ever fancied time travel, today would be the closest you come to living your fantasy as we head to the City of Canals and also palaces, Venice. With its appearance virtually unchanged for the last 600 years, Venice is more a fairytale city than a modern-day metropolis.

Board a cruise at Tronchetto and glide romantically past fairytale palaces, through incredible miniature canals to the Piazza San Marco St. Mark's Square, dubbed as the 'finest drawing room in Europe' by Napoleon, courtesy to the forever carnival-like vibe it gave off. With it being the only public Square in the city, Napoleon's phrase is still an apt description for the Square.

Once at the Square, visit the Murano Glass Showroom to get a glimpse of the glass-blowing process of this iconic ancient Venetian craft that ranges from sculptures to vases to bowls to jewellery. And because these beautiful pieces are so hard to resist, you can even purchase a few collectables. Hereafter, go on yet another water voyage with the gondola ride along the Bridge of Sighs that connects the Doge's Palace at the square to its prison.

Next, board a cruise back to Tronchetto Pier and silence our hungry tummies with a sumptuous lunch on the cruise.

Reminiscing in the memory of the dreamy City of Canals, get ready for our next excursion with a scenic drive to yet another heavenly destination, Innsbruck, Austria. As dramatic and as beautiful as Venice, Innsbruck has a drastically distinct character, one that's marked by an amalgamation of natural beauty, old-world architecture and modern buildings. Settled in the heart of the Austrian Alps, the mountains make for a dramatic backdrop for the city while the pastel-hued houses lining the banks of the green-watered River Inn add to the city's aesthetic beauty. After having taken in our share of the surrounding natural beauty, we continue our orientation tour as we walk past The Golden Roof or the Goldenes Dachl- an ornate Gothic balcony erected by Emperor Maximilian I in the 15th century, the Imperial Church and the Hofburg or the Imperial Palace.

After the day's fairytale excursion, enjoy a scrumptious dinner and check-in to the hotel.

Overnight in Innsbruck.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch on board the cruise and dinner at Indian restaurant

Day 5 : Innsbruck - Interlaken

After breakfast today, bid adieu to Innsbruck and hit the road to Zurich, Switzerland, but not without taking a pit stop at the renowned museum, Swarovski Crystal Worlds, in Wattens to feast our eyes and be mesmerized by the artistic displays of dazzling crystals in the Chambers of Wonder. It's a whole new world of sparkling crystals of ied sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest in the world. These twinkling stones are grouped together to make 16 distinct artistic installations, each designed by a different artist and each with the capability of leaving us in a stunned silence. Our sparkly tour ends at the Swarovski showroom where you can bag a few of these shining gems.

Then, make another pit stop at Vaduz, Liechtenstein. With a backdrop of mountains and the Rhine River, Vaduz is a tiny town that offers ample visual beauty. We take some time to revel in this ancient natural beauty, have a sumptuous lunch and proceed to our next destination? Zurich.

With absolutely no time to waste, we immediately start off with our orientation tour of Zurich moving past the city's fanciest shopping street, Bahnhofstrasse. Continue to marvel at the town's artistic expertise as we pass the elegant copper spire of the Fraumunster found in the 9th-century with its impressive stained glass windows. Then, pause for a quick photo stop at the Zurich Lake.

We bring the day to a close with a delicious dinner and happily check-in to the hotel.

Overnight in Interlaken.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 6 : Interlaken

If you are tired from all the roaming around we've been doing for the past few days, today is your chance to take a step back and relax. You have the day at your leisure to simply laze around in the hotel or explore the beautiful neighbourhood.

If, however, you are one of those who believes in not wasting a single day while on a holiday, you can choose to be on top of the world, or literally on top of Europe, with the exciting optional trip to the winter wonderland, Jungfraujoch.
Overnight in Interlaken.

Breakfast at the hotel and dinner at an Indian restaurant / packed dinner at hotel

Day 7 : Interlaken - Zurich

For those who did not part-take in the Jungfrau excursion, today is your chance to experience and relish the typical Swiss snow as we head for the highest point of the Vaudois Alps, Glacier 3000. It has a lot in store that you wouldn't want to miss. Apart from the incredibly spectacular views of snow-laced peaks all around, there is also a wide array of activities to keep even the most fidgety traveller entertained. From enjoying the winter views during the cable-car ride to and from Les Diablerets to skiing and hiking to the thrilling snow-bus ride to that of the Peak Walk on the world's only suspension bridge connecting two peaks, there's something for everybody there. And because nothing brings more warmth to our minds and bodies than a steamy meal, we enjoy a delicious lunch at Glacier 3000 before heading back to Les Diablerets.

Then, continue to journey through the blissful natural beauty the Swiss lands have to offer to reach a city that perfectly fits the bill for a cliched romantic Swiss destination. Enter: Lucerne! With no time to waste, we start off our orientation tour of Lucerne viewing the picturesque mountains, lakes, cowbells, alpine villages and meadows, the poignant Lion Monument, the covered, wooden Kapellbrucke chapel bridge and more.

But scenic charms aren't all there is to the city? Lucerne also holds a lot for the compulsive shopper. So we take some time to shop for a few Swiss souvenirs before proceeding for dinner.

Dead tired from the day's excursion, head to the hotel for the night.

Overnight in Zurich.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch at Glacier 3000 and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 8 : Zurich - Rhineland

Move over mighty mountains, deadly waters are here to rein!

Our voyage today begins with a visit to the iconic Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe. Though the fall might appear stunted at 23 meters, as compared to other higher waterfalls in Switzerland, the magnanimity and might of the Rhine is palpable from the sheer force with which it paves its way through the rocks. To get a feel of this spectacular beauty up-close, we take a boat ride to the falls.

Then, wave goodbye to Switzerland and make way into Germany driving through the Black Forest, which offers an unparalleled scenic view. Here, take a short break to witness a demonstration on the making of authentic cuckoo clocks in their original form, each piece carefully crafted for precision! A visit here is certainly a memorable experience. We then eat up a delicious lunch and continue our drive towards Heidelberg, situated in the valley of the River Neckar, enjoying the view as we go.

After mountains, waterfalls, greenery and other natural beauties that the Swiss lands offered, Heidelberg comes as a welcome change with its rich cultural and architectural heritage that the city has retained since the 18th century. The most iconic among these architectural merits is the romantic Heidelberg Castle. Then, take some time to walk around, Altstadt, taking in the aesthetic beauty of this old section of the town that comes in the form of uniformly Baroque architecture.

Bringing the splendid day to a close, we stuff ourselves with a wholesome dinner and check-in to a hotel in the Rhineland Area.

Overnight in Rhineland.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 9 : Rhineland - Antwerp / Eindhoven

With a stomach full of breakfast and a mind full of excitement, we begin this day with a visit to yet another beautiful German city, Cologne. This metropolis on the River Rhine is a profound profusion of old structures and new buildings, together making the city a great tourist attraction serving as both, an international pilgrim spot and a happening party hub. The highlight of the city, however, remains the 13th-century Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary, or simply, the Cologne Cathedral. From the invaluable art like the stained glass paintings of the 15th century or the 10th-century Gero-Kreuz crucifix to the shrine of the Three Kings to the utter magnanimity of its scale, everything gives this monument its enigmatic character. It's no wonder then that the Cathedral is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also the single most visited landmark in Germany.

After a delectable lunch, we take our excursion forward to Brussels, Belgium, where we visit the Grand Place without letting any time slip by. The Grand Place, as is commonly known, is Europe's most beautiful and buzzing square. This exquisite market square is the main tourist attraction of the city that has often left sightseers awestruck, thanks to the historic architectural marvels from the eras of Baroque, Gothic and Louis XIV that give the place its eclectic character.

Then, enjoy a hot and spicy dinner at an Indian restaurant and proceed to Antwerp/Eindhoven where we check-in to our hotel.

Overnight in Antwerp / Eindhoven.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant.

Day 10 : Antwerp / Eindhoven

After breakfast today, we begin with our Netherlands exploration starting at the very beautiful Keukenhof Garden in Lisse. Planted over an expanse of 79 acres, the garden is a colourful sea of 800 ieties of Tulips and other spring flowers. Interspersed between these floral fields are other beautifying attractions including canals, a windmill, artistic floral displays and flower shows among others.


Alternatively, in months when the Keukenhof Garden is off limits, make a visit to another equally beautiful yet strikingly unique park? the Madurodam Miniature Park, The Hague. As can easily be guessed from the name itself, the park houses miniature versions of several Dutch architectural landmarks, traditional Dutch houses, canals, parks, windmills, verdant fields and a lot more. What brings this miniature park to life is the addition of human figures that not only give character to this miniature world but also depicts the evolution of Dutch lifestyle over the years.

From here, head to the capital to keep up with our Amsterdam schedule making yet another pit stop at the famous Cheese Farm and Clog Shoe Factory to learn about the art of traditional cheese-making and also of the famous Dutch clogs.

Thereafter, drive along the scenic scenes of Netherlands to arrive in Amsterdam where a delicious Indian lunch awaits us. We then begin our Amsterdam tour with the busiest town centre, the Dam Square or simply The Dam. From memorable monuments and statues to souvenir shops and restaurants to that of scores of pigeons and buskers, The Dam is a true reflection of the city's character. And because Amsterdam is nothing without its spectacular canal circuit, we then get on a glass-topped cruise to navigate through this picturesque town with its regal mansions and houseboats and bridges via its impressive canal ring, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site in itself. A cruise on this canal ring somehow makes everything about Amsterdam even more surreal.

As the clock inches closer to dinner time, proceed to Eindhoven / Antwerp to stuff ourselves with a wonderful meal at a restaurant and head back to our hotel.
Overnight in Antwerp / Eindhoven.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 11 : Antwerp / Eindhoven - Paris

Farewell, all thing Dutch. . . Hello, all things Parisian!

With its legendary charms and multi-layered character, Paris is hardly a place to need an introduction. And if you think the drive from Antwerp to Paris was a drag despite the scenic views it had in store, you'd be revived the instance you step into the City of Lights, thanks to its thrilling and rushing vibe. Naturally, we want to waste no time and head straight for the most cherished monument of the town? the Eiffel Tower up to 3rd level. But first, let's grab our lunch!

After having had our fill of the iconic tower, continue on a guided city tour marvelling at famous monuments like the Pyramid of the Louvre, Garnier's Opera the largest opera theatre in the world, the Place de la Concorde the site of the infamous guillotine, the Champs Elysees one of the most fashionable streets in the world, the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe and the Hotel des Invalides. And before you know, it's already time for dinner.

After a delicious meal, we head to our hotel, check-in and hit the bed, hopefully instantly!

Overnight in Paris.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant.

Day 12 : Paris

No matter what your reservation might be about spending several hours at the Euro Disney in Paris, the one thing that's pre-guaranteed is that you will end up having a great, great day age no bar, gender no bar. With that in mind, we begin our last day of the tour adamant on having fun till we drop dead.

Typically divided into magical themed lands - Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland and the ever famous Main Street USA- the Disneyland Park has a lot to keep just about anyone entertained from meet-and-greet with our favourite fantasy characters Pooh, Mickey, Minnie, et al to fantasy setups like Pirates of the Caribbean or the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups to stomach-churning rides like the Space Mountain Mission 2 or Indiana Jones to subtler and more bearable rides such as 'It's A Small World' to that of parades and shows.

That said, if you are a cinema buff, you'd probably want to spend the day at the Walt Disney Studios, a place that brings the magic of cinema to life. You could enjoy a tram tour through the studio taking in views of life-like movie sets, props and even experience some dramatic effects. Then there are rides themed around movies that combine the stomach-churning ride movements with spectacular visual effects and, of course, the shows that are memorably entertaining.

At some point during this fun-filled day, we also make time to eat up our lunch.
Despite its popularity, if Euro Disney is not something that interests you, you can skip the amusement park and instead go on a more relaxed and luxurious excursion. You first visit the Palace of Versailles known to be one of the finest and plushest examples of Renaissance art in Paris. While the magnificent facade and the gigantic scale are proof enough of the grand lifestyle of the ancient French royals, the exotic decor and splendid artwork inside are further indicators of their refined aesthetic tastes. The Hall of Mirrors, the Grand Trianon, the Queen's Chamber, the Chapelle and the beautiful garden are some of the more popular areas of the palace. Then, embark on another artistic journey to the past as we visit the Louvre Museum, the world's largest art museum with an extensive range of Greek and Roman sculptures, Egyptian antiques, painting and graphics by legendary artists and a lot more. While the impressive collection sure is the highlight of the museum, the majestic palace-turned-museum itself is a splendid piece of art.
Then, proceed to dinner at a top-rated Indian restaurant. From here, you could either head back to the hotel or choose to go on a recommendable 'Gala Evening in Paris'.

Overnight in Paris.

Breakfast at the hotel, packed lunch from an Indian restaurant and dinner at an Indian restaurant
Hotel : Holiday Inn Paris - Porte De Clichy Or Similar, Paris

Day 13 : Homeward Bound

As much as we'd hate it, all good thing must come to an end eventually and so did this 'Cox & Kings - Best of Schengen' tour! With our gifts and shopping bags neatly tucked into our luggage and our passports and tickets handy, set out for the airport to head back home.

Please do give us your valuable feedback on feedback@coxandkings. com.
Breakfast either at the hotel or on board your return flight







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RomeRome Pisana Or Similar5 ★Day 1
ArezzoPark Hotel Arezzo Or Similar5 ★Day 2
PadovaHotel Splendid Or Similar5 ★Day 3
TirolAlpenkonig Tirol Or Similar5 ★Day 4
InterlakenMetropole Hotel Or Similar5 ★Day 5
InterlakenMetropole Hotel Or Similar5 ★Day 6
ZurichSwissotel Or Similar5 ★Day 7
WalldorfHotel Ambiente Or Similar5 ★Day 8
AntwerpHotel Van Der Valk Or Similar5 ★Day 9
AntwerpHotel Van Der Valk Or Similar5 ★Day 10
ParisHotel Mercure Porte De Versailles Expo Or Similar5 ★Day 11
ParisHotel Mercure Porte De Versailles Expo Or Similar5 ★Day 12

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