Top 10 haunted places in India


1. Bhangarh Fort - Ajabgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan
bhangarh fort rajastan_1469786080e11.JPG

2. Kuldhara - Rajasthan
kuldhara rajsthan_1469786082u20.jpg

3. D’Souza Chawl in Mahim - Mumbai
d souza chawl in mumbai_1469786082u30.jpg

4. The Shaniwarwada Fort - Pune
the shaniwarwada fort pune_1469786082u40.jpg

5. GP Block - Meerut
gp block meerut_1469786083u50.jpg

6. The Vrindavan Society - Thane
the vrindavan society_1469786083u60.jpg

7. Dumas Beach - Surat - Gujarat
dumas beach surat gujrat_1469786084u70.jpg

8. Jatinga - Assam
jatinga assam_1469786084u80.jpg

9. Ramoji Film City - Hyderabad
ramoji film city hye_1469786084u90.JPG

10. Kiran Hotel - Lonavla, Maharashtra
kiran hotel lonaval_1469786085u100.jpg

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