Why Backpacking Is Always Better Than Luxury Trips

Why Backpacking Is Always Better Than Luxury Trips

We have majorly two kinds of travelers in the world some likes to spend on their luxuries and comforts and others like to spend on raw and real experiences. Therefore this category of division makes them call luxury travelers and the other as backpackers.   This does not mean, backpacking on a trip will give you an uncomfortable or not-so-good experience. Backpacking might not be the so-luxurious way to travel but it is the only way to travel, the more authentic and real.   There is so much to learn and experience, while you are on a backpacking trip, the ownership of every single-decision and move will be yours. From planning to packing, how to be minimalistic, how to relish small things in life and to deal a difficult situation all teach you to be a great leader and a responsible human being.   Moreover, you save a good amount of money to venture again on another trip, which you might not be able to do if plan to go on a luxury trip.   Not just that, Backpacking, fills you with positivity and happiness because the sense of being an independent traveler can no one takes over.  

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Here is a list for you - Why Backpacking Is Always Better Than Luxury Trips

2. Get Acquainted With Local Culture

Get Acquainted With Local Culture

The more you are connected with the people of the city, the more you get to know about their culture. Backpacking is the way to connect directly with locals in the city you are traveling.


That’s how you get to know about the myriad cultures, languages, festivities around the world.

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3. Eat Local Food

Eat Local Food

Food is the major part of any of your trips, and if you are a foodie then there is no better option of traveling than to backpack. There are plenty of cuisines in the world and tasting it from the hands of locals is an ethereal experience.


The real flavors, aromas, and spices are well enjoyed while on a backpacking trip, as you get the chance to explore traditional cuisines and know about their origins and benefits.

4. Plenty Of Experiences

Plenty Of Experiences

There are a plethora of experiences good or bad, you take it all with pride and enthusiasm, later you often laugh too on some of them. That’s the true flavor of a backpacking trip.


Incidents or accidents are all worth a memory to be cherished.

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5. Learn to adjust

Learn to adjust

Adjustment is the major issue of millennials these days, they don’t want any interference of any kind or disruption in any way. Thus travelers who like to backpack are one of the masters in adjustment. They know how to deal with every situation proficiently because they have done it.


You don’t crib for a comfy pillow, on a trek or no-loo to pee or no morning coffees. Instead, you learn to become a problem solver and roll a towel and makes it a pillow, will dig a hole and pee or pre-plan a bit and carry a coffee sachet.

6. Make Friends

Make Friends

Backpackers meet lot many people from around the world, and striking a conversation with any is not a big task for them because they have become pro in meeting and talking with people.


Thus it's easier to get lot many friends while traveling. Some even end up making friends for life, while just asking for directions. You never know, its all about giving a chance.

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