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Where to Have Local Food in Ooty!

Where to Have Local Food in Ooty!

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1. Kabab corner


Ooty has several small joints, which serve mouthwatering and finger-licking kababs. One of such food points is Kabab corner. In this restaurant, you will find different kinds of lip-smacking kebabs at the affordable prices. Even though this eatery is not appealing, you have to wait in a long queue to get your order. One of the must-try foods in this eatery is grilled mutton and delicious chicken kebabs.

2. Nahar restaurant


Nothing in the world is much satisfying to your tastebuds than enjoying diverse items of South Indian food. If you wish to pipe hot coffee along with the traditional South Indian items, then you must visit Nahar restaurant. It has a pleasant and appealing setting to enjoy vegetation foods. The favorite items of this restaurant are dosas and Indian thali. 

3. Shinkow’s Chinese restaurant


If you wish to enjoy some Chinese food, then visit Shinkow’s Chinese restaurant situated in the Commissioner’s street. It is a must visit eatery to enjoy some authentic and flavorsome Chinese food at the reasonable rates. It is also not looking attractive but serves world class pork. Bee Hoon Noodles and American Chopsuey are must-try dishes in the Ooty.

4. Sidewalk café


Are you a lover of eating different varieties of Pizzas? You should visit the Sidewalk Café during your trip to Ooty. This eatery offers you some exotic and delicious Pizzas in the fast food world. They make pizzas in the firewood oven to obtain an authentic flavor and taste. Some of their best pizzas are Jain Pizza and Popeye. They help you to end your meal with the sweet note and even sell some delectable chocolates.

6. Hyderabad Briyani House


Are you a lover of briyani? Do you wish to eat some spicy and delicious briyani? Well, you should try the briyani at the Hyderabad Briyani house. This eatery offers you a huge selection of fish and meat dishes as well as some vegetarian options. When you visit here, you must try chicken tikka briyani and spicy mutton kebabs.

So try the rich and delicious local food of Ooty in these incredible restaurants and make your trip even more awesome. 

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