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Top Travel Blogs You Must Read - 3

Top Travel Blogs You Must Read - 3

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1. Pooja


Restless feet, love for adventure and a sweet tooth – these are words that best describe Her! She in love with places she hasn't been to and people she hasn't met.

She is a social media professional, content writer and marketing consultant originally from India, now living in Sydney. She is working with SMEs and travel brands in Australia to help them with all aspects of online marketing.

Wondorluhst is a diary to record her off the beat travel journeys and experiences that involve exploring local culture, people and food!

2. Rangan Datta

Rangan Datta

Rangan Datta is freelance travel writer and photographer. Travelling is his passion and he lives to travel. His travel has taken him to the ends of the earth, from the base of the highest mountain on earth and to the highest motorable pass in the world.


3. Oindrila De

Oindrila De

An Indian, vegetarian travel enthusiast who often goes it alone. Through this blog, She shows you various places through her eyes.

4. Vishnu Kumar

Vishnu Kumar

Thinking particle is an effort to make traveling India a bit easier. The team is trying to give most accurate information possible about various destinations through our travel articles. They also provide an opportunity to travelers to share their travel experiences by writing travelogues, by participating in India travel forums and by sharing photographs.

5. Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg and Himadri Garg, the two aforementioned sisters have been traveling for over 8 years, exploring the length and breadth of India, including places which are completely unheard of

9. Shilpa Mary George

Shilpa Mary George

Welcome to the creative world. Whether you are planning to travel or just looking for inspiration, you’re at the right place. The Satori Saga is a tastefully blended blog where you’ll find suggestions on how you can travel as a backpacker, secret tips to planning a trip on a budget (yet luxurious), local guide and cultural experiences.

10. Shilpa Balakrishnan

Shilpa Balakrishnan

This is a travel & lifestyle blog started by four friends from literally around the world. They started off like any friends in a movie, promising to meet each other every year in a foreign land. Since 2013, they have kept that promise and somewhere along the way, they started writing about our discoveries, their friendship and their common passion for exploring.

11. Surya


Travelrope initially started out as a humble blog on Tumblr. Post a number of articles, She felt that she can perhaps ease the process of building trip itinerary by sharing her travel experiences as well as other travelers who contribute their stories to Travelrope.

Travelrope has no longer remained a place just for travelogues as she also wanted to share what goes on in the lives of the many who have been inspiring to a whole lot of people out there. 

12. Snigdha Jain

Snigdha Jain

Snigdha, a banker by profession based out of Mumbai, India. While she love to talk, eat, cook, read, write, make crafty’ things, hang out with friends, bake, etc – “Her ultimate thing” is Traveling….


15. Leena Bansal

Leena Bansal

YOUNG WOMAN TRAVELER holding an INDIAN PASSPORT exploring the world on HER OWN for more than a YEAR. That’s Leena Bansal!!

She is a World traveler, experience collector, adventure seeker, culture vulture, foodie, budget traveler and believer of serendipity and happy endings. 

16. Hari Narayana

Hari Narayana

Hari Narayana, working as a Project Manager in an Indian Multi-National Organization.  He is always with varying moods and emotions in extremities and social. He has his own lifestyle and don’t mix personal and professional life.

Traveling is his passion for a long time. Even though he started visiting places quite recently, he always read about the various places and their history. This blog is just an attempt to show India in its grandeur through his eye.

His expeditions constitute a wide range of places like Nature, History and Heritage.

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